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Violet Affleck Loves Mommy's Stunt Double More!

Jennifer Garner might just be my favorite celeb mommy of all time! She always seems so down to earth, like someone you'd know in the "real world". And she's got some great stuff to say about her daughter, including Violet's favorite person!

For all the cute details, follow the jump!

Apparently, Jennifer's stunt double (Shauna Duggins) has been in Jen's life since her Alias days, and was even her stunt double in her most recent movie The Kingdom. Jen's long acknowledged the "cool factor" of Shauna, and apparently Violet's catching on.


She's amazing -- [she's like me except] cooler and hotter and with a better body. My daughter recognizes this and makes me call her 'Shauna Girl' and she draws Green Shauna, Pink Shauna, Blue Shauna.

She will turn any song or any book into a song or book about Shauna, such as the other night, I was singing to her something I sing to her all the time -- 'I love my baby Violet Anne.' And she looked at me with so much love and she said, 'I love Shauna, Shauna, Shauna!'

So great! And sort of unnerving if you're the famous mommy and your daughter prefers your stunt double! Jen seems like the type that can handle it, though!


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chatty cricket

That's hilarious!

And my God, could Violet be any cuter? They are a force.


That is the cutest child in all the land. Holy crap.

Hot Librarian

Violet is fall out of your chair cute. She is my most favoritest celebrity baby. Not counting my own baby, obvs.


Obviously that lady is never gonna trip over her own ego.

Cute-freakin-cute cute cute! Love the pics of them doing such normal everyday things. They're really doing right by her - there's the paparazzi, now let's go play on the swings and we'll get a milkshake later.

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