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Zoot's Weekly TV News Roundup


Are you desperate for the latest TV News scoop around the interweb? Of course you are. Because you are like me, slave to your TiVo and your Entertainment Weekly. Or maybe that's just me. This week has not been disappointing as I have reports of Veronica Mars on keyboard, Frasier on a van, and Darlene on David. The sordid details of these stories and much more after the jump.

I do not hide my love of Kristen Bell. I wear my obsession with her proudly. So, you can imagine how my heart did flutter when I read this interview with Clark Duke from the web show Clark and Michael and he mentioned forming a band with Bell. He says it is called "Kung-Fu Professor" and I'm officially a groupie.

Fox's new show Back to You (Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton) sent out vans that look like they belong to real TV stations in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York as a promotional stunt this weekend. They also created a website that creates images of users as news anchors. Who knew I'd one day long for the simplicity of magazine ads.

ABC is finding a way to capitalize even further on the success of Dancing With The Stars by airing a show called Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. Drew Lachey is going to host and I am going to compete because I'm a total rockstar on the dance floor. Or maybe I'm just going to sit on my couch and watch. I can't remember.

Speaking of DWTS (it's what the cool kids call it, you know), Edyta Sliwinska married professional dancer Alec Mazo a few days ago. I'm betting their first dance was more than the middle school sway number that my husband and I performed.

Just in case you've been under a rock the last week or so, Letterman is going on Oprah for a show airing September 10th. I'm still a hardcore Ellen/Leno gal myself, so I don't find this as exciting as some. But in terms of publicity stunts, it's better than fake news vans.

Speaking of Oprah - her director was arrested last Tuesday on a domestic battery charge. The alleged victim was his ex-wife, they have been divorced now for 20 years. This is all still "alleged" but it reminds me how successful people who are also jackasses anger me.

My childhood sitcoms dreams have been ignited with the news that Sara Gilbert will be joining CBS' The Big Ban Theory. She is actually going to be a love interest for Johnny Galecki. This means Darlene and David are totally reuniting in my living room and I can now die a happy woman.

And while we're talking casting announcements, it seems appropriate to mention that Jerry Seinfeld is appearing on 30 Rock in the fall. Also, there is one actress not joining 24 this season and is instead leaving. Reiko Aylesworth is stepping over to ER to be a possible love interest for John Stamos. He is no Tony Almeida - but whatever. AND THEN (yes, there's more) Jason Alexander is joining Julia Louis-Dreyfus at The New Adventures of Old Christine as someone she ends up dating. Notice I did not use the phrase "love interest" there - that was intentional.

Man, the CBS show Kid Nation is causing all sorts of uproar but the network is still standing behind it and premiering it on September 19th. Even with the drama and controversy, I still can not muster any interest in this show. And I have very low standards in television.

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Baby Milo

Where would we be without our TiVos?!?!


eeee! darlene and david! darlene and david!


John Stamos as Tony Gates deserves better!!
He rather would have Natalie Portman.


Yes i agree John Stamos deserves better,
he is too goodlooking for here.


John Stamos is too hot for here!


I'm so excited about Darlene and David!!!


I SO love that Sara Gilbert and her partner (Allison Adler, thanks, CBB!) are sharing in the birthing responsibilities for their babies - if I recall correctly, her partner carried baby #1, Sara carried baby #2! Now if I could convince my hubby to do likewise!!


Did I hear that right? Zoot? NOT be looking forward to Kid Nation? That somehow doesn't make sense to me. I just knew that would be like THE show of the season you were looking forward to.

And why on earth would they consider it to be child abuse? No one is holding these kids against their will.



Yes I agree John Stamos is too hot for her.


John Stamos is much,much hotter than Tony in 24.

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