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David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee - Takes 3 Hours to Brew and Then Doesn't Make Any Sense When You Drink It

Coffeeweb1_02 Over the weekend, the husband and I watched David Lynch's latest feature, Inland Empire. It's about...uh...well, there's this woman...and...uh...that's all we really know for sure...I think.

Anyway, the liner notes of the DVD contained a little pamphlet for David Lynch's signature line of coffees.

Yes, you read that correctly. David Lynch has his own coffee brand.

I thought maybe it was a joke but apparently it's the real deal. The site, which uses the same visual motif as the DVD menus for Inland Empire, has a store where you can buy 12 oz. containers of organic espresso, organic house roast, or organic French roast decaf (*scream in horror*). At $16.27 for the original container and $12.67 for the refills, the coffees are a little pricey. But a portion of the proceeds go to the David Lynch Scholarship Fund at the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies.

Also, in googling "david lynch scholarship fund," I came across the David Lynch Foundation, which aims to help grade school students learn better in a less stressful environment through Transcendental Meditation.

Wow. That is several kinds of awesome.

If I get some extra cash, I might just have to order some to see how it is. I'll be sure to report back if I do.

On the site, Lynch is quoted, "It's all in the beans...and I'm just full of beans." And god bless you for it, dude.

Also, I was just going to berate all of you for not visiting/commenting in the movies section at mamapoptalk.com, but Tracey already did it for me. Shockingly, I have no life, so on the weekends I watch movies and give a little blurb about my thoughts on them at MamaPopTalk during the week. You should stop by and weigh in. Right now my only regular company is Kaleigh, Hot Librarian, and Izzy. They're awesome, of course, but it would be nice to hear from more of you!

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Hot Librarian

Oh, bummer. I was hoping we could keep it an exclusive little club.


the title of this post made my day, for reals. kelly, you GEEEEENIUS.

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