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Hef's Holly Wants Less Plastic in Playboy

Hefandhollymadison Hugh Hefner's number one girlfriend, Holly Madison, (one of his THREE live-in girlfriends in case you didn't know) and star of E's "The Girls Next Door" has finally gotten one of her wishes, which is to secure a job working for Playboy in a less naked capacity (her other wish is to be Hef's wifey).

So now that she's gotten her boob foot in the door at the magazine as a junior picture editor, one of her goals is to get more natural and diverse looking girls into the pictorials.

Says Holly,

“I think readers are sick of seeing the same cookie-cutter blondes,” she said. “I’m looking for natural bodies. I pay attention to what readers write in - and they do like to see diversity.”

While I think this is a very positive step for Playboy, I have to chuckle a little bit seeing as Holly herself is very much one of those surgically and cosmetically enhanced cookie-cutter blondes and I'm sure "natural" doesn't mean they'll stop Photoshopping the models into weird, shiny, naked fembots.

In any case, it looks like some men, at least in Australia, prefer the plastic, as evidenced by some of their comments to a news article about this new direction at Playboy.

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Yes, but speaking (writing?) as an Aussie, it's a chauvinistic, male-dominated, sports-mad country. Which is not to say that I don't love it, but when it come to women the men are mostly into the grid girls at the car racing, the dancers at the footy or the bar chicks at the cricket. Honestly, if you're not a size 8 blonde with a D cup, you won't get a second glance from a bloke under 30

Playboy's not even the worst here. FHM and Ralph aren't even nude magazines but I saw this morning that this month's issue of one of them (swap the covers and they're essentially the same magazine so I never remember) has a girl on the front, all of 20, with the caption "best breasts ever". And they're everywhere (the mags, not her boobs. Although they were too) - it's no wonder they're obsessed!

If Holly can get a size 12 brunette with a couple of laugh lines into Playboy, she'll be my new hero


I've said it before and I'll say it again: that Holly is one wily girl!


Izzy, I think the commments were generally favorable toward natural breasts. The first guy didn't but the others seemed more into a natural healthy body...
Good for Holly. I'm sure she's got Christie Hefner's approval on this one. Not like there aren't beautiful women with great natural bods out there. Just funny that Brigette is the only one of Hef's 3 gf's sporting only what god gave her.


Sue me, but I love Holly. The Girls Next Door is totally my guilty pleasure show and I love her because she knows how to make fun of herself, like the time she went into the "confessional" and "confessed" that she was really raised in a cloning lab to be the perfect woman for Hugh M. Hefner, but the reason he won't marry her is because her IQ is too high. Anyway, point is, I love the girl, and I hope that she is able to put more diversity into the magazine. That'd be awesome.

Miss Britt

diversity = more natural blondes?

does that mean I can stop being nice to my Hispanic neighbors?


JustZoot-- Yes some commenters on that article said they liked natural boobs but there were, as noted, some who emphatically did not and some comments were just downright ugly and piggish. So yes, some Australian men were cool with it and some weren't but the jackass voices really REALLY stood out.

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