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Introducing: the MamaPop Dream Team's Latest Recruits

We're beyond thrilled to welcome two new mamas to the site: JenB and Marrit Ingman. I know, right? Holy crap.

If you've been living under some kind of large, heavy rock: Jen writes the very famous and rocking Jenandtonic. Marrit writes the blog Baldo and is a top-notch pop culture journalist and has even published, like, a real book and shit.

They'll both be doing once-a-week pop-culturiffic columns (look for Jen's TODAY at noon), and we are filled with bliss and glee to have them on board. On this thing. That we do. Over here. And stuff.

(It's official: Team MamaPop makes me want to learn how to read.)

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Hhhmmm, must been under that rock, then!

Welcome to the new gals.


Welcome Jen and Marrit. This makes me incredibly happy. I'm looking forward to Jen's column today.


Welcome, girls!

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