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MamaPop TV News Roundup


This week's TV-related news has been an interesting combination of casting announcements and illegal activity. I'm assuming the world is now plagued with peace and wealth since some of these bits are making the "real" news some nights.

(Really, CNN? Who decides what story gets top billing on your news programs?) 

  • First and foremost - this week's news brought us a Premier date for Project Runway. November 14th. Mark your calenders. As if that wasn't enough, Sci-Fi also renewed Eureka for a third season. It's like Zoot's Happy TV News Week.
  • There are a lot of actresses I think have lives that would make interesting movies. I never considered Teri Hatcher one of those actresses. Maybe it's because I never read her book? Maybe if I had read Burnt Toast it would all seem fascinatingly entertaining.
  • I have gone on record several time with my hatred for Russell Crowe. I simply felt like he was an ass on every interview ever in the history of talk shows. However, since he had a kid, he has become a lot more likable in those same interviews. Or maybe I'm becoming weak in my old age. Either way, I would love to catching his new reality show and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
  • Will Smith (Remember? He used to be on TV!) is going to be directing the remake of Karate Kid. I am so torn about this because his 9-year-old son is rumored to play the lead and that makes me intrigued. But - a remake of Karate Kid? I just don't think I'm ready for that yet. It's still too early and my love is still too deep. However, the news of the rumored remake of Knight Rider sparked emotion from me whatsoever.
  • It seems like everyday some actor or actress is in the news for getting busted doing something illegal. Or violating probation from a previous infraction. DUIs seem to be the most commonly distributed in Hollywood, with Kiefer Sutherland being the most recent (although repeat) casualty. I love Kiefer with all of my soul, which is why this makes me angry. Let the moron celebrities get taken off my television with their arrests, but don't take Jack Bauer. Who will save us from iminent disaster?
  • It seems that even though she survived the season premiere, Jorga Fox will be leaving CSI early this season. I have not liked her character nor her relationship with Gil Grissom, so this does nothing but make me happy. Let's leave Gil Grissom single from here on out, okay? It allows me more freedom to have a Geek Crush on him.
  • In this week's unpredictable casting announcement, ABC has decided to allow George Michael to sing and act on their midseason show Eli Stone. It sounds like he's going to be an angel of sorts. I will withold judgement until I see him perform, but I will not withold the dropped jaw or the raised eyebrow. I have no control over those.

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"Will Smith is going to be directing the remake of Karate Kid."


but how is his 9-year-old going to play Daniel San? Daniel was 16.

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