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Sometimes a Headline Snarks Itself


"Waffle House brawl lands Kid Rock in jail," says CNN.  I kind of feel like if I'd given that enough thought, I would have predicted it.  It has a certain... unsurprisingness, doesn't it?  Like Pam marrying the Hilton sex tape guy.  Anyway, all I know is, if that delightful little circle of yum were on my plate, the only thing that could bring me out of my good mood would be if someone tried to take it.

But the Kid's priorities are different, so it wasn't attempted theft of tastiness that caused his brawl - which sent him to jail for 12 hours yesterday in DeKalb County, Georgia.  The police say a customer came in and exchanged words with a female member of Kid Rock's entourage, and then they all took it outside, presumably abandoning their waffles.  And at some point, the other customer punched out one of Waffle House's windows.  Presumably getting glass all over the waffles.  Maybe it's that I haven't eaten breakfast yet this morning, and that I know my breakfast is going to be a really nasty Kashi bar and some yogurt, eaten on a train and not in a Waffle House, but this, to me, is the real tragedy of this story.  Broken glass in all those little waffle squares.  Pour a little syrup out for the fallen soldiers, would y'all?

(Oh, and in case anyone is concerned about something other than the tasty, tasty breakfast foods in this story, Kid Rock was released last night.)


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Nic (bridehood)

you know, when you;re in more than one public fight a month, it really takes your credibility down a notch.

Hi5 Codes

Publicity stunt to say the least.


Yay! Another celebrity making an ass of himself in my city! Oh, I'm so proud. Go Atlanta!


Hi5, probably that. Which...okay. I realize I'm writing this having just given him a little sliver of publicity here in our corner of the internet, so maybe I should shush it, but that's kind of depressing, isn't it? As a commentary on America? That fame can be attained or at least maintained by brawling in a damn Waffle House? I'm not going to think about it anymore. I'm in a weird feedback loop involving shame, fascination, and hunger now.


Uh... Kashi bars are not nasty!


Says you! The dark chocolate cherry ones are excellent, but these trail mix ones are A W F U L.


Off to provoke a cage match at my local Red Lobster...

My fifteen minutes of fame is calling.


A W F U L L Y G O O D !


I miss cheese grits at the Waffle House. With a Coke.
And bacon on the side if I'm being really bad.
Sometimes you gotta make sacrifices to live in the B-More, even though I love it so.

Celebrity Trashcan

What self respecting redneck would not throw down and defend his honor in the presence of skanks at the Waffle House? This is so white trash but great media exposure for Kid Rock. He has a new album to pimp and news like this reinforces his "badass" monicker among his fans.

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