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Tell Me You Love Me Recap


David and Katie actually make some serious progress; Jamie and Hugo break each other's hearts; Jamie and Nick take some baby steps; Carolyn has "PMS;" Palek fulfills his jagoff destiny.

Katie and David are at home, putzing. Katie gets off the phone with her mother and informs David that the kids are having a great time at their grandparents' house and want to spend the night. She scrunches up her face as she says this, all disbelieving. I know, right, Katie? Who would ever think that your kids would rather hang out and be spoiled by their grandparents than sit and listen uncomfortably while you and David whisper about how you're not having sex? Katie and David shuffle into the living room and David says that the house looks bigger. They flop onto the couch and Katie marvels at all that they can do.
"We can swear, we can smoke!" she says.
"We're free!" says David.
"Wanna get drunk and go to bed together?" says Katie, half-joking.
She and David grin at each other. David says that he's going to read every word of the TiVo manual. Katie says she's going to go get a bath and read a book. Wild.

J makes her way to her apartment and bumps into Hugo lurking outside. He looks worn out and kind of haggard, like he's been crying for about two months. Jamie asks him what he's doing here and Hugo says that he wanted to see her. "I can't stop thinking about you," he says. Jamie is a little pissed since, you know, she was calling him 85 times a day when he couldn't stop thinking about her. "I thought you were detoxing," she says. "You said it felt right." Well, it doesn't. It feels wrong. Jamie looks skeptical but lets Hugo come in. Hugo says that he wanted to see her sooner but he waited until he was sure. "I missed you," says Jamie. "But?" prompts Hugo. Jamie finally says that she's seeing somebody. Hugo gets up and goes to the door, crying. Jamie goes to him and cries a little, too. She hugs him and kisses his forehead and eventually they start making out. See, kisses on the forehead never end chastely.

Palek is waiting at a restaurant and follows a hot blonde with his eyes before he spots the hot blonde that he's married to. Carolyn sits down and complains about the awful PMS she's having and how it's making her boobs feel like they're going to explode. Uh oh. Palek says that they got an offer on the house. Carolyn is shocked. "Wanna go forward?" asks Palek. "I don't know, it's kind of out of nowhere," says Carolyn. Palek sounds slightly annoyed and says that they already made the decision to do this. Carolyn points out that Palek made the decision but he points out that she agreed to it. Carolyn guzzles some wine.

David walks into the bathroom reading aloud from the TiVo manual and stops to grin at Katie, soaking in the tub. They say something about missing "it," but I couldn't tell you exactly what was said because while they were reveling in their night off, my five-year-old was in the next room arguing with his dad.

Hugo is slumped on Jamie's bed. They start undressing each other and kissing. Something about this romp feels stilted but they soldier on and have some weepy break-up sex.

Palek gets off the phone with their buyer, who they refer to as Rich Guy Shawn. There's some issue, mainly that Shawn wants a short escrow...short, like, 20 days. Carolyn says that she's NOT moving in 20 days. "I don't know why everything's your decision," whines Palek. "You've made some pretty big decisions yourself lately," snaps Carolyn. She mumbles that it apparently was very easy for Palek to get over the whole skipping parenthood thing since he already has, but Palek points out that Carolyn said that she was done. Anyway. Palek says that he knows a lot of brokers and he'll find them a new place for a few months before they buy something or he builds them a new house. Uh, okay. "We can't get out of this f*cking place fast enough," he grumbles.

David and Katie are staring out the window at their backyard and discussing ways to improve it with jacuzzis and whatnot. David pops outside to pick up some toys. Katie tells him not to hurt his back. Oh, why not, Katie? Are you planning on giving him a workout later?

Jamie is cleaning up her room wearing underwear and Uggs. She picks up her phone and lies down on her bed. She finally calls someone, I guess Nick. She says that she misses him and will be stopping by his place later.

May goes to John's apartment and runs into his daughter, Olivia. May tells Olivia that she's sorry that her mother died and Olivia, obviously not really wanting to get into it, sidesteps that conversation and makes chit chat with May.

Carolyn and Palek are looking at an apartment with some kind of country decor. They're not thrilled about it. Carolyn sighs and says that they move once a year. That's insane! "How long are we going to keep doing this?" she says, sitting down on some wicker furniture. "I don't know, how long are you going to be a lawyer?" snots Palek. Carolyn doesn't answer. She stands up and grumbles, "Great, now I'm going to have wicker ass all day." Wicker Ass!

May and John are sitting on his couch, drinking wine and reminiscing about when they met. John claims to remember what May was wearing, something plaid. May stops him to clarify that she NEVER wore plaid. Hater. She says that it must be hard for him to start over. John says that he's not starting over, he's "coming back." May says that she's been thinking and that John has done a lot for her marriage. She used to think about them being together to help her through hard times with Arthur and with herself and if he hadn't come back, she would still be doing that. What? John tells her not to talk herself out of this. "It's the thought of us that kept me with the man I love," says May. "That's a good thing." John asks her why she's there then. "Because I think endings need to be treated with as much care and gentleness as any other part of a relationship," she says.

Katie gets off the phone with her mom again and tells David that they're going to Target and then they'll pick up the kids afterward. David briefly laments the end of their mini vacation then says that he's going to go take a shower. Katie says that she needs one, too, but tells David to go first. David gets undressed and catches Katie watching him. "You look good, honey," she says, careful to leave out, "ESPECIALLY YOUR MANLY MEMBER!" David grins and says that she does, too. Aww. Then we get an extended shot of David's butt. Thanks.

Jamie shows up at Nick's. He's just come from a victorious softball game and is heading toward the shower when Jamie blurts, "I have to tell you something." Nick stops and says, "Okaaay." Jamie tells him that Hugo came over last night, that she didn't invite him, he just showed up. Nick is pissed. "I've done the whole f*cked up relationship thing before, I'm not doing it again," he says. "I don't want to be wrecked, I'm not into that." Jamie insists that she's not going back to Hugo. Nick looks like he might reluctantly believe her. They make out.

David and Katie are out with Rita and her husband at some tee ball function. The guys go to get desserts. "There they go," says Rita. "The MILF hunter and the celibate coach." Katie laughs. When the guys come back they gossip about some other couple who are divorcing. David says he knew they were in trouble/not having sex because the husband constantly bragged about how much sex they were having. Rita takes her husband with her to bitch at another mom. Katie and David people-watch the other couples in the room and try to guess whether or not they're having sex based on body language. Apparently resting your head on your husband's shoulder = no sex. "Do you think any of these people are doing it?" asks Katie. "Not many," chuckles David.

Carolyn and Palek are looking at another apartment that looks like the miniature version of their house. Carolyn says that it's small and feels like they're going backwards. Palek kisses her and says that he's going out later with Nate and Shawn. "Shawn wants to celebrate or something," he says. "Do you want to go?" Carolyn says that with that kind of invitation, not so much, and goes to check out the bathroom. I'm hating Palek more and more.

Hugo and Jamie are in the waiting room at May's office and are catching up on each other's moms and stuff. Hugo says that he doesn't see why they have to do this. Jamie explains because otherwise they would just fight and then have sex and she doesn't want to do that. "Well, I do," says Hugo. Hehe. Jamie just wants a normal conversation. Sitting across from May, Jamie says that she doesn't want to make a mistake but Hugo says that they love each other and if they start from there they can't go wrong. Jamie says that yes, they love each other but they bring out the worst in each other. "We have a relationship," says Hugo. "We know each other, we see each other. We fight, but who cares? We look at the world together." Jamie shakes her head and says that they turn the volume up, that their relationship is *up here*. "I don't think it's good for me," she says. "We ask a lot of love," says May. "All the things we don't like, we think love can change." True that, May. Hugo is still optimistic but finally Jamie confesses that when they were together, she cheated on him. Hugo is a little, uh, miffed. "That's why you brought me here, isn't it? To end it," he says. "You tortured me. You had me believing that I was so f*cked up I couldn't even see it." He storms out. Jamie bursts into tears. May purses her lips. "It's hard when someone you love that much walks out the door," she says. Holy crap, really, May?!?! Was that the title of your dissertation when you got your PhDuh?

Carolyn and Palek are packing. Well, actually, Carolyn is packing. Palek is sitting on the couch feeling sorry for himself. Carolyn says that the house looks smaller. Ooh, interesting self-reference to David's comment about their house earlier. David and Katie getting a break from their kids gives them room to breathe with each other. Carolyn and Palek (well, Palek) decide not to have kids and suddenly everything closes in around them. "It just looks empty," says Palek. He crawls over to Carolyn and kisses her. They start making out and, uh, doing other noisy things. They're never going to get moved out at this rate.

May comes home and asks Arthur what's for dinner. "Veggies over brown rice with a hot curry sauce," he says, all nonchalantly. "How was John?" he asks. May sits down across from Arthur and says, "He's not the man I remember." Arthur looks pleased. "Good," he says. May looks at him and says, "I. Love. You." They kiss and hug. I tear up.

David and Katie are watching Chris Rock and cracking up at his snarky evaluation of married life. Their son comes in and whines about going to bed. Katie starts to take him back to his room when David's phone rings. He answers and tries to talk down the person on the other end. When he hangs up, he tells Katie that it was "Jeff," and he was in hysterics because his girlfriend left him. Jeff wants David to go meet him, which puzzles David because they barely know each other.

Palek is out with Shawn and Nate (Jeremy London). Shawn is wondering why they're selling the house if Palek and Carolyn are so happy. Nate tells Palek to tell the truth: that they're getting ready to have kids and that house is no place for kids. Shawn nyah-nyahs, "I'm NEVER having kids." He says that he goes over to Nate's house to remind of that. Dude, Shawn's a turd. He goes over to hit on some woman a few seats down from them. "I miss that," whines Nate. "Do you ever miss that?" he asks Palek. Palek says nothing.

Carolyn is at the apartment and calls Mason to come over and keep her company. Mason shows up with some vodka and says, "What am I? The global nurse for f*cked up people? All I do is go and liquor people up for depression." Whatever, Mason, why don't you go ahead and consider it your "job," kay? At least you're good for something. Carolyn says that she's been having the worst PMS (oh, this foreboding is bad) and that she needed to get out of the house. They start drinking and Carolyn says that she always thought that she would get pregnant the minute she decided she wanted to and it was only after 6 or 7 months that she started to worry. Mason listens with raised eyebrows, all, "Ew, babies ruin your vajayjay." Apparently Palek is the one who wanted to start therapy, which is a bit of a surprise. "Now, in the space of a week, we sold our house, we're not having kids, we moved into this place," she says. "I don't know what's going to happen next. The minute we stopped trying everything went to sh*t."

David is out with Jeff, who is explaining that his girlfriend just got up and left him in the middle of sex. "She said I was disgusting," he says. Burn! "Is that all she said?" asks David. "Isn't that enough?" Jeff wails. He goes on to ask David if his ex is right, if he's that disgusting. David's like, "Uh, I don't know, I don't like you that way." "I'm 44. I'm divorced. SH*T!" says Jeff. "It's not that bad," says David. Oddly, this doesn't do much to comfort Jeff.

David gets into bed with Katie and tells her that he's been sleeping better. Katie says that she's glad because when he sleeps she feels like everything is okay. They cuddle. Katie whispers that when they used to have sex, she wouldn't always have an orgasm. "Oh," says David. God, he is just wonderful at not making awkward conversations even more uncomfortable. Katie insists that it wasn't David's fault. "We'll fix it," says David. Yeah, Katie, your clitoris probably just needs rewired. They cuddle some more and David says, "Maybe that Foster is on to something."

Palek calls Carolyn from the bar and is surprised to hear that she's at the new place. Later at home, Palek crawls into bed and tries to put the moves on Carolyn. She's too tired and tells him no. Palek shouts that f*cked Carolyn on demand for a year whether he wanted to or not. Carolyn points out that she was under the impression that they both wanted to have a baby and tells Palek to go jerk off or something.

Nick and Jamie go to a bar. Nick says that he has to move again since his ex got the landlady over to her side. "Maybe you should stop moving in with your girlfriends," says Jamie. Nick says that he likes being in a relationship, that it's good to be with someone. "I'm too f*cked up to be in one, but I'd like to be," says Jamie. She tells Nick that she's not going back to Hugo but Nick wants to know why he should believe her; how does he know that Hugo isn't coming back. "He's not," says Jamie. Yeah, trust her on this one, dude. "Why does it feel like I should just walk away right now?" asks Nick. Jamie says that she doesn't know how to convince him. They stare at each other for awhile before finally deciding to leave.

Palek is at the suit store and the saleslady from before approaches him, all giddy to see him again. "Anything I can do for you?" she asks. "I'm looking for something new," says Palek. Yeah, I'll bet you are, jerkface. "Jeans? Sweaters? Shirts? Socks?" she asks, before deciding on sweaters. Palek tells her to lead the way.

Meanwhile, Carolyn is peeing and is more than a little surprised to not see blood on the toilet paper. She checks her Blackberry and her period is past due. A pregnancy test, one that apparently survived the Great Pee-Fest of 2007, reveals two pink lines. Carolyn smiles in disbelief.

David and Katie are talking over breakfast about everyday, kid-maintenance stuff. David suddenly asks if Katie was faking her orgasms. "Kind of," she says. "Not all the time. I got good at it." "Yeah, you did," chuckles David. He gulps and admits that she was right, that after Katie had the kids, things changed. "I guess I just didn't see you the same way. I just let it go and I shouldn't have," he says. "We both let it go," says Katie.

For our ending montage, Carolyn cradles her pregnancy test. Palek grins at the saleslady. Jamie and Nick make their way to her apartment where Jamie finds a tshirt hanging on the doorknob. Jamie flashes back to when she took that tshirt off a crying Hugo.

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Nic (bridehood)

I hate Palek. A lot. But I'm liking Jamie, and I'm even liking David and Katie now...


I am not sure I understand all the hate for Palek. OK he shouldn't be cruising for girls at men's clothing stores, granted. At least he was being honest before there is a kid that he doesn't want a kid (of course now a little too late for that).
What's all Carolyn's liquor consumption going to do to that babe?


Amazing summary, as always! You even caught some stuff that I missed...and I didn't have a kid hollering in the background. ;)

I wasn't hating Palek 'til he nearly raped his wife. Undeniably, Carolyn frequently gets on my nerves and seems more than a little crazy, but dude...No means NO!!!


Hibiscus, I'm mainly pissed at Palek for not mulling over his desire (or lack thereof) to have kids BEFORE he was married and actively trying to impregnate his wife. Sure, Carolyn certainly isn't blameless here, but he's really being a dick about it. And what? His wife is still bummed about the whole thing (after a whole week) so now he's going to "look for something new?" He's just so cold. I really don't think he's capable of loving anyone but himself and people who are solely devoted to making him happy.
All of these couples, with perhaps the exception of Jamie and Nick, are finding their relationships falling short of their expectations and I guess the frustrating thing is that they had expectations in the first place.


Oh, and Carolyn didn't really drink that much. If the show's narrative is to be believed, all of this transpired over the course of a week or so, in which time she had some wine and some vodka. Boozing has an effect on a fetus when you do it everyday in excess in the more crucial stages of pregnancy.
Though I wouldn't be surprised if they milked those two shots of vodka for a plot line.

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