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Time Is a Bitch


Not one of us can stop the march of time. So, I never feel right chiding women for something over which they have no control. Namely, aging. But, I will say this: If nothing else convinces me to put down my margaritas and cheese dip and hit the gym, the difference between how Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren have aged should do the trick.

See what both actresses look like today at the age of 73 after the jump...

Brigitte Bardot this week in St. Tropez.

sophia loren

Makes you want to slather yourself in olive oil, no?

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Are you serious? How is that possible?

chatty cricket



Sophia Loren has HAD to have a little work done. Seriously, she defies every law of nature!


sophia loren, I think, still looks pretty awesome...just kind of wacky.

brigitte bardot, though. man. HARSH.


Dude. Way harsh.


Brigitte tres harsh.

Sophia may have had a little work done - but very tastefully and looks DAMN good for 73.


Whoa Bridgette?! Omg are you SURE that's HER!? Ew.


I thought it was Sally Struthers! HA!


Sophia has had some work done. Brigitte looks like a normal 73 year old. Get used to it.


Maybe you should post this of Sophia, to make it fair: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/events/ASG-002606.jpg
and this picture is at least 1 year old.
Sad as it is, this is what happens to people when we get old, and so it should! As it's natural and normal.


Bossy will take the option behind Door # 3.


No way is that Brigitte Bardot.


I don't care what these women look like, I lurve them so much. Brigitte because of her animal protection work, and Sophia because she one said, "Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti." Me too ... although I've never looked like Ms. Loren. Maybe I am eating the wrong brand.


Brigitte is still a doll in my book, she was THEE sex god of the world when I grew up and made some of the best movies ever! Her looks today are norm and if she chooses not to plaster herself in makeup and plastic surgery to defy time then I admire her even more. Her being an avid animal rights activist for years stirs me deeply. My late wife was a wonder of such, wish there were more sensitive and caring people like my Nancy and Brigitte. May Brigitte live a long and healthy life and continue her animal rights crusade, would love to meet her.


The BB pics are brutal . Too much hot sun , red wine and food , its almost sad is'nt it?

Nancy D

Sophia Loren has very good genes. Her mother was a beautiful woman as well who won a Gretta Garbo look-a-like contest when she was a teen.

Miss Loren is a natural beauty who did not drink and take pills as did Miss Bardot.

Miss Loren was married to the same man for years and considered herself a mother first and an actress second.

Miss Bardot had a life of tragedy and broken relationships.

Sophia Loren grew old with beauty and grace.

She is gorgeous!

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