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What the Hell is Britney Doing in this Video?

While leaving a Studio City Starbucks on Sunday, Brit's car is mobbed by paparazzi. No surprise there but when she stops her car to talk to them, she keeps covering her mouth with her hands and I can't figure out why. WTF???

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I read that she got her lips plumped at the doctor and the paps caught her outside right afterwards.


Yep. Collagen injection (or something). Her upper lip is all jacked up now.


and still her Jones for attention prohibits her from just STAYING HOME for a few days while her pillow lips deflate a little. I'm moving past pity to disgust now. And I left curiosity behind weeks & weeks ago.


covert fish lips!

Miss Britt

Wait. Why does she have car seats in the back?


Bossy's theory was that she had whitener on her teeth.


Yup - it's all about the collagen fish lips. It's been reported in the media, both TV and the mags, ever since it happened, and has been confirmed.

You know...cuz nothing - not even her kids - are more important than inflating her lips.



Can we vote in a poll whether we'd prefer a Mamapop blackout on Britney rather than the thrice hourly updates? Hyperbole of course, but I am SO Gosh Darn sick of the problem play that is that woman's life right now. Sick of it. Sick of her.


I know I am a huge bleeding heart, but i feel sorry for her. she could be depressed or anxious or manic, anything could explain the behaviour. i'm a pussy.


You're not alone, JenB. Bleeding hearts united! *raises fist*

I feel sorry for her, too. I really do think she has mental health issues of some sort. I just wish she'd accept some help.


How do the people closest to Britney NOT see that she is on a downward spiral? Seriously. Am I the only one that thinks she's headed to the same sort of demise as Anna Nicole?

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