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America's First Supermodel Could Use Some Metamucil Right Now...

While people across American ready themselves for a holiday of togetherness and warmth, here in England it's another national pastime that brings a sense of unity.  I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!-- a show that distinctly tanked a few years back in Yankyville, in Britain has taken on popularity so tremendous that even my mother can be heard to talk feverishly about which cast member might have to chow down a kangaroo's penis or emu's anus this week (I kid you not). 


Millions of Brits tune into the show each and every day, and watch voyeuristically while a group of very bored, not-even-D-list celebrities try and get on together in the depths of an Australian jungle.  Meanwhile, the British public votes for who they want to see undertake 'challenges' (this is where the penises and stuff come in).

Janice_dickson2So far the public has voted that American contestant Janice Dickinson (who modestly proclaims herself the World's First Supermodel) undertake each and every challenge (meanwhile her team members are begging for a bit of emu bum just to break the monotony). 

A poster-child for Botox don'ts, the woman is unbelievably foul-mouthed and mean-spirited, and the British public can't seem to get enough. "I can't sh*t!! I CAN'T SH*T!!!" she complained to the others during a more intimate moment, turning down the kangaroo meat she herself had 'won' on a challenge for the team. (Kangaroos are jungle rats, she declared).

One thing that makes her so delicious are the tales of her sexploits--according to her big mouth, she's pretty much banged anything over 50 in Hollywood, male or female, and she 'had Bruce Willis on speed dial.'   

It's atrocious stuff, but we can't stop watching...

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I f*^king love Janice Dickinson because she's evil. I can't get enough of her. ANTM just hasn't been the same since she left. (Twiggy's a little too chipper.)


Yep, Janice is the proverbial train wreck, and we can't look away. She revels in being bad.

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