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Assault Charges Dropped Against Kristy Swanson

Kristy_swansonKristy Swanson, most recently known for skating away with a win -- and with professional Lloyd Eisler -- on last year's Skating With Celebrities, but more commonly known as the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is breathing a big sigh of relief.  Canadian officials (mounties, perhaps?) have dropped assault charges against Kristy, dating back to June, when she was arrested after an altercation with Eisler's ex-wife.

Two women fighting over a figure skater named Lloyd -- that's not good.


Kristy's life seems to be a series of bad choices lately -- starring on Skating With Celebrities, hooking up with her married skating partner, making a baby with him when his wife was also pregnant, going on the Tyra Banks show with her baby-daddy, playing the Anna Nicole-type character on Law and Order earlier this year, and then getting into a scuffle with Eisler's ex while with him on a scheduled visit to his first two children.

So although Canadian authorities have dropped the charges against her, Kristy still has a lot to answer for with the rest of us.  I liked her a lot better when she was Buffy.


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I ♥ Lloyd Eisler. I still can't believe he busted up his marriage for Buffy. While his wife was pregnant.

*puts Brasseur / Eisler items in back corner of closet, right behind her Elvis Stojko goodness*


did not know she was the orignal buffy! wowo -- but watched the show and could tell they were hooking up... sad for him toleave his prego wife... jerk!


see looks a bit bloated and like Anna

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