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Friday Drive-By


For more juicy gossip, keep on readin'!

  • I guess Pete knows what she's going through? That's about the only reason I can see for his definding Amy winehouse.
  • You know he only served her because he saw her spending report and thought, "Wait, my name's not on there!"
  • Tyra is the only talk show host that will be able to get away with flippin' her hair around while talking about vajay-jays. And I for one will Tivo it to see it all happen!
  • Halle Berry has got the pregnancy crazies bad ... first it's the Jewish slurs and now she's picking on diabetics?!

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I don't think Dog's son was so much noble as greedy. He got paid quite well for ratting his dad out. Apparently he's done it before. Not even remotely saying Dog was right to say what he did - just that his son is kind of a chump too.

Also - is anybody else having the problem with the ads where if you mouse over them (intentionally or not), your whole browser cloes? It pretty much sucks. Probably the version of IE that I have...


I don't blame his son for ratting his dad out at all- in this case his dad's statements were unexplainable and unforgivable.
As far as problems he has with his son, well, you reap what you sow. he has a whole lotta kids (more than 10, I think) with a lot of women and had some of them before he "mended his ways". So, you know, the man's not a saint and can't expect his kids to necessarily be close with him.


The diabetes things makes me mental. If her saying that is confirmed, she doesn't know WTF she is talking about. I am type 2, but my pancreas is slowly, over time shutting down and I do take insulin. Lady, if you are type 1 and don't take insulin, you will die. It is especially difficult while pregnant.


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