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George Clooney and Fabio Got Into a Fight...No, Seriously.

FabioAccording to tmz.com, George Clooney got into a fight. With Fabio. Yes, "I can't believe it's not butter, let me rip open my shirt and ravage this woman for the cover of your Harlequin romance," Fabio. What astrological hiccup could have possibly caused this?

Apparently, Fabio and George Clooney (aka Fantasy Mr. Kdiddy) were both dining at a restaurant called Madeo's in Hollywood. Fabio was dining with a group of women who had won the honor to be present while the hunk spread yellow, butteresque sludge on his dinner rolls and were snapping pictures of the spectacle. George Clooney thought they were trying to take pictures of him and told them to knock it off. Fabio approached Clooney and tried to explain and somehow they started shoving. Also, in my fantasy, they started prissily slapping at each other's hands.

All of this begs the question: Who the hell enters a contest to have dinner with Fabio? What year am I in?

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"astrological hiccup"
Yes. I totally agree. WTF?

Suzy Q

I third the WTF re: Fabio. Really, WHO would want to break bread (or even wind, for that matter) with him?


I think that would have been hilarious if they had slapped each others hands "prissily".


And I was kind of (okay, totally) entertained when that dude dumped the Bachelorette because he found out (after he won)that she had once dated Fabio.

Okay, I am rambling. Sorry.


JenneLou! I just scared my son with my hysterical laughter, when you mentioned the dumping of that girl because she dated Fabio! I totally remember that!!!! ROFLMAO!


Oh, thank gawd.

After I wrote that, I thought that you would all think I was nuts.

But seriously. Who would date fabio....let alone admit dating Fabio?



I did read somewhere that Fabio told Clooney to not be a "diva." Har har. That's a pot calling the kettle black, isn't it?


George is awesome and friendly with strangers, as far as I've ever seen.

Fabio is a meathead.

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