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Gossip Rag Thursday


Has it been a year already? Or should I say only? I guess we should wish them congrats, mostly because no one ever thought it would last this long.

For more "amazing" cover stories, follow the jump.


What do you think her new rules are: the guy must agree to say "The Hills" isn't fake?!

Jealous over a co-star? Katie, unless the costar is a man, you've got nothing to worry about!

What? Baby rumors weren't enough????


Someone somewhere was placing bets on this, and just made a ton of money. Would her trouble with birth control be that she probably doesn't use it??

And bringing it home with the cheese-ball cover, we've got Keith Urban. Aww!!!

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Amy H

Love Katie's hair on the cover of OK. Hate it on the cover of Star.

(and that sums up why I haven't taken a risk and cut my hair like Katie's. I would always end up looking like the cover of Star and that would be sad.)

DJ Inphinity

If another baby pops out of that women it comes from hell!


I agree that Katie's do is cause for concern. And yeah, that's what mine would do--go helmet on me.

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