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Prince Harry Dumped by Long-term Girfriend. Aww. Come to Mama!

Top UK news this weekend revolved around the break-up of Prince Harry from his girlfriend of three years, Chelsy Davy.  Love apparently stayed aflame when the two of them were separated by a continent, but in September, Zimbabwean Chelsy moved from her home in Cape Town, South Africa to start a law degree at Leeds University and to be "closer to her beau." 

Since then it's all gone pear-shaped (as my Mum would say) and she's packed her bags and headed home with a broken heart...


Why did she dump him?  Every tabloid has its own take.  A list of her reasons (allegedly) after the jump...

She dumped him because:

1.  She could not longer handle his dastardly playboy ways (canoodling with "brunettes"; getting all drunk and disorderly with the English Rugby team in Paris; basically being irascibly sexy and uncontrollable) (erm. is it hot in here, or is it just me?)

2.  It was too bloomin' cold in England, especially the North of England in Leeds (I, myself, think the weather's been quite lovely in this neck of the woods, but then I moved from Michigan, not sunny Cape Town).

3.  She particularly hated Leeds Uni and the rank student housing she was expected to slum it in with (shudder) roommates...


This house doesn't look too bad to me, but then I'm not dating a prince. I bet there's about 5 people sharing a loo, which could be a potential turn-off, true.

4. Being the girlfriend of a Prince of England apparently wrecks any ability to have a strong sense of self-identity.  Go figure!

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You have to figure if a Prince of England isn't good enough for you, you're setting your standards just a tad high.

Miss Britt

I'd share a loo for a shot at dating a Prince.

Good God, can you imagine the poor men she'll date in the future? How do you compare with A Prince?!


Prince Harry or Bill Clinton - you make the call.


I dunno...I don't like that kid. He gives me the creeps. I predict a big, bad scandal involving dead prostitutes in his future.

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