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Silicon Valleys

Doctor90210 After the many recent celebrity plastic surgery debacles, I have become somewhat obsessed with all these plastic surgeon frauds. Like this guy, Robert Rey, shilling bras but not board certified in plastic surgery. Dr. Rey (or is it "Dr." Rey?) is the guy from Dr. 90210, which I am not sure we even get way up here in the tundra. 

Dr. Jan Adams is the nutbar who killed Kanye West’s mom. A previous patient came forward with some scary ass pictures.  According to me new vice TMZ tv, neither Oprah nor NBC nor Discovery had commented on using Jan Adams on their respective shows. I wonder if they will ever comment on it?  I am especially surprised that Oprah hasn’t said anything.  I guess she has had enough to deal with considering the problems with her girl’s school.

Priscilla For fun, check out some celebrity transformations that didn’t end up badly.  Well, badly in the sense that it wasn’t terminal.  There are tons of  good/bad plastic surgery sites like awful plastic surgery. They also highlight some of  “Dr.”Jan Adams previous patients.  Buyer beware REALLY beware is the moral of this tale.

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Ooof. Plastic surgery scares me. I know I'd want someone who could give me depositions where he was an expert for other doctors, and those other doctors won their cases. To start. *Shudder.* I sort of put plastic surgery into two camps-- vanity, and medicine. Vanity is you don't like your nose. Medicine is a breast reduction or something like post-WLS skin reduction. Vanity surgery, bad. Medicine surgery, lots of interviews.


I was always one of those women who was all 'oh whatever... plastic surgery is sick, just be happy with what you got..." and then I had my son and my boobs shrunk even more than what they were in the beginning (SMALL b) and in March I got a wild hair and said "hm... I think I want to get my boobs done!" My husband was all "huh?" but supported me and by June I had 2 new babes... I LOVE THEM. Honestly, they were for me and ONLY me and MAN it's amazing what some silicone can do for my self esteem :D

**I hadn't really planned on being so open about it... but I did end up blogging A LOT about them... I felt I needed to just let loose and it turns out a LOT of women were in the same boat as me**


I think a lot of us who never though of it are thinking of it post baby, getting older, losing weight, etc. Whatever makes you happy and is SAFE and I guess not too drastic, like lets say Joan Rivers.


Is Dr. Rey really not board certified in plastic surgery? Hmm......

Miss Britt

I wonder if Dr. Rey is not board certified in plastic surgery, but board certified in another specialty, like perhaps general surgery. You don't technically have to be "board certified" in the specialty that you practice. Rather than board certifications, if you were looking for a surgeon, a search of their schooling and any residency and fellowship training would probably be more indicative of their qualifications.


I have so many mixed feelings about Dr. Rey and his family. He's a tool. He's come so far in life. His wife seems so lost in Hollywood; yet she asked for this life. She strikes me as so depressed. And anorexic.

Clearly, I watch this show too much.

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