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Tim Burton in Wonderland

Tim_burton_2 In one of the coolest movie announcements this year, Tim Burton is set to take on Alice in Wonderland for Disney. And - as if that isn't enough - it looks like it's going to be 3-D. It is part of a two movie deal with Walt Disney Studios, with the second movie being an adaptation of his 1984 short, Frankenweenie. The film was shown as a prelude to The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I can not imagine a cooler thing than the master behind one of my all-time favorites, Edward Scissordhands, taking over one of my favorite childhood stories. I feel like his imagination and cinematic vision could really do that story justice. I'm already anticipating it. And in 3-D. Awesome.

Now, I don't remember seeing the short version of Frankenweenie, so I have no anticipation of that feature whatsoever. However, Tim Burton is one of my trusted Hollywood favorites. I'll give everything he does a chance. I might not like it - (I'm looking at you, Corpse Bride) - but I'll at least try it.

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chatty cricket

Can I reveal myself to be a TOTAL dork and express my undying wish that Tim Burton would team up with Wade Robson (from So You Think You Can Dance fame) and stage an Alice in Wonderland MUSICAL on BROADWAY?!

Who should score it?

In the mean time, I am very excited for this, the man is brilliant.

Maxine Dangerous

*gasp* You didn't like Corpse Bride, Zoot?? I lurrrrrrrve that movie! :)

The Muse

I totally saw Frankenweenie. Or at least, most of it. It's about a boy who's dog gets hit by a car, and he brings him back to life. That's as far as I got before I started bawling my eyes out, as my dad was trying to cheer me up with the movie after my cat had just been put to sleep (she was hit by a car). My dad then quickly realized how much of an idiot he was and immediately returned the offending movie to Blockbuster.

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