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Bargain Basement Bossy: Fashionably Late.


All this crazy holiday shopping is giving Bossy shpilkes in her genecktegessoink. So she’ll give you a topic: Stacy Londonlove her or hate her? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Miss Britt

Stacy and I have a complicated relationship.

I would love for her to come swoop me up and take me to NYC for a $5,000 shopping spree complete with my very own rules.

I hate that she has not.

I love her if that will help make that dream come true.

I would hate her if she made me cry on TV.


Umm Stacey London eerily reminds me of my older sister, except my sister is top female executive who hates to shop....

My older sister is wonderful, albeit very bossy and sometimes downright mean.

I'm quirky and sensitive, sometimes you look at me funny and I cry!

So I too have this love/hate thing going on with Stacey...I think I would love her with my whole heart, just like I adore my big sister. But I too could not endure the nasty comments that Stacey London doles out. But then she'd hug and call me sweetie and everything would be alright so I'd deal!

Come find me Stacey!


Love her! How can you not love a woman who: 1) wears dresses that beautiful, 2) rocks shoes like she does, and 3) is sexy as hell and comfortable with the white streak in her hair?


Early on on the makeover show she could be a little too mean- she has since translated most of it into funny and has since grown on me.


LOVE her. Loveherloveherloveherloveher.


Love her, for all the reasons previously mentioned. Only, I don't have an older sister, so guess not that one. Am I the only one who says "Shut up" constantly after hearing her talk? Not that I mind.


Love her. (Love Clinton a little more...)

I've been watching since season one, when she was "good cop" to "I totally forget the original male co-host's name but he had Billy Ray Cyrus hair and a predilection for Rugby shirts" bad cop.


Kathy - ROTLMAO! I remember that guy! I remember wondering HOW IN THE HELL he managed to be on a show about helping people to dress and look better. Shouldn't he have been Victim #1?!!?


LOVE her.


Kathy, I think his name is Robert, isn't it? He's hosting some home makeover on Discovery now, I think.


I really don't like how she says empire "om-PEER." Grph. The first time I heard her say that I was like "WTF is omPEER? OH..." I don't know if it's supposed to be like that or not...but *I* don't like it. ;)

P.S. I would KILL for my hair to be that smooth and shiny. Beeyotch. :P


pretty sure the omPEER thing is the French. But I could be wrong. I've heard it that way from others, too.

btw, Love her. I hope she doesn't get too full of herself.


I like her more on WNTW than on Fashionably Late. I think she's too phony on FL. On WNTW, I think she keeps it real, but maybe that's because she lays off the whole "Audience, aren't we all so FAABULOUS?" schtick.

Or maybe at 8.5 months pregnant, I hate all thin women right now. That could be it too.


What they said.


Along the same lines as Stacy London's "om-PEER"...I heard Kimora Lee Simmons referring to someone's "tur-QUA" jewelry a few weeks ago. Turqua? Never heard of it! (Smacks forehead) She was talking about TURQUOISE! AAACK! As far as I know, that is a stone that was found and used right here on US soil first, by our beloved natives - I'm pretty sure THEY didn't/don't call it "tur-QUA!"


Love her on WNTW, but just can't get into the whole FL. I think it's a swell concept. Unfortunately, the only guests she really talks to are her special friends. She had those guys with facial hair on 2 weeks ago, but she talked all over them. And I guess an alcohol company is her sponsor? Fantastic idea for a show, but poor execution.


Hate her and will never watch anything that she is in.


Love her!


I'm pro om-PEER. In the same vain, niche should rhyme with quiche no with bitch. I liked Stacy when she co-hosted on the Today Show for a while some time back...


See this on the empire debate - http://fashion.about.com/cs/glossary/g/empire.htm
Pronunciation: om-peer


Love her! Love Clinton also.

The guy from season one was Wayne Scott Lukas. I hated him.


I couldn't resist, so I Googled the pronunciation. While most seemed to agree with Funnybird, I'm happy to say that answers.yahoo.com did not (sorry - I am a big fan of the style, and have always called it the Em-Pie-Er waist). According to answers: "The high waisted look wasn't called empire until it was revived in early 20th century England (not france) and it was pronounced the english way. That beastly om-peer is a considered an affectation by people attempting to sound snobby. I am fluent in both english and french yet I use the english pronunciation and I cringe whenever I hear an american say ompeer."

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