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Britney Spears Fails to Attend Deposition

Britney_spears People is reporting that Britney failed to attend the deposition scheduled yesterday in her custody case.  Considering Britney was the one to be deposed, that's not real good.

Maybe someone should inform Britney a subpoena is not a party invitation.  You can not decline.  I would have sent the sheriff after her.

"I was told of a general [medical] condition, and [Spears] felt she couldn't attend," Mark Vincent Kaplan said outside his Los Angeles office.

Spears's friend Sam Lufti tells PEOPLE in an e-mail: "She's sick, both physically and high anxiety. Millions of press outside. It's too much."

A new date was selected, but not revealed. Federline's attorney indicated he "will pursue" a court sanction against the pop star for failing to show.

On Oct. 26, a court forbid Spears's deposition from being videotaped. At that hearing, Kaplan complained that Spears had evaded a deposition four times over the course of a year.

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Oh, and TMZ caught her bopping around gas stations at 2 am after calling in "sick."


Cheryl- that was my next question: when will we see video of her clubbing our out somewhere that evening. I am just so sick of hearing about her, seeing her - she feeds off the attention and then blames it for her problems.


Does anyone ever feel like attending a deposition? I mean, it's not like a Christmas party.


I do depositions and don't want to go. But some on, subpoena. It's not a request.


I love how she consistently talks about anxiety and fear of the paps whenever it's related to the court...but they don't bother her at any other time when she goes on these random, destination-less drives around gas stations. (Seriously, how many times a week does she get gas? Why does it seem like she goes multiple times a day? Can we start blaming her for Iraq yet?)


I wish the judge in our custody hearing was so nice... if we'd tried to call in sick to any of our hearings we would've been in the clink before we could finish the phone call.

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