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Friday Drive-By

You didn't think I'd let you go away for the weekend without giving you a bit of holiday cheer, did you? In leiu of the normal bullet-pointed Friday post, here's a few great pictures to start your holiday weekend off right!


That silly little Lohan, either she doesn't get it or she's mad someone else is getting all the press lately. When asked what she thinks of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy, she responded "Why do people think it's such a big deal?" Classy, that one.


She's no dummy, that Hannah Montana! One of the more down-to-earth teen stars today, she's recently been quoted as saying she wants to be sure to dress her age, in a way that not only girls can look up to but parents won't be ashamed to have their own daughters mimic. Someone's been taking lessons at the House of Mandy Moore!


The normally tasteful and conscientious Jolie Pitt parents have let this gun-shaped necklace slip under their radar somehow, and the internet is up in arms over it! I can't even tell for sure if it is a gun, but if it is these parents should be beaten! And shot! And flogged! And put in a ring with Michael Vick's pit bulls (too soon?)! I kid, I kid.


And finally, proving once and for all she is most definitely NOT a diva, Christina Aguilera has already scheduled her baby's c-section. She doesn't want to be in a lick of pain, and so has opted for surgery to help keep her as pain-free as possible. I'm betting no-one told her the recovery would be a bitch.

Happy Holiday Weekend!

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That dumb girl has no fookin' idea how much a c-section hurts. So much more than regular ole childbirth.


Well, I've only done the c-section, but why do these celeb idiots think a c-section is such a breeze? She is just perpetuating the Hollywood stereotype--"I can't be bothered to wait for labor and I don't want to push anything out of my precious vagina!" Hope she enjoys her scar!


That is all very strange. Is this for real? Would someone get a c-section by choice. That's major abdominal surgery? Maybe that's just mean gossip. Would a doctor even allow that.

I wasn't in pain once I got the epidural but the c-section was ick.

Suzy Q

C-sections by choice happen all the time, ozma, and not just by celebs.

As far as Miley Cyrus goes, good for her for wanting to stay kid-friendly with her image, but that pic begs the question: Why the hooker-red lips?


Yes, C-sections by choice happen all the time, by regular folks as well as celebs. I, for one, loved having mine, though I certainly didn't request them - it was a matter of needing them. My scar is so low that you have to be my hubby to see it. :) I've since been told that my OB is rather well-known for her super-small, super-low scars (Thanks, doc!). And my pain wasn't bad at all, either time. Still - I am fully aware that I had major surgery, and most are not so fortunate as I was, with regard to recovery and lack of pain.

Re: Miley. I don't know much about her or Hannah Montana, but I have seen the 2 Oprah shows with her, and I am impressed! As far as the hooker-red lipstick...she told O that she has stylists that do her hair, makeup, and clothes, and that when she's able to, she washes it all away as soon as she can. Go Miley! Stay a teen as long as you can! And keep those legs crossed! Remember: no glove, no love! ;)


Oh my, Miley Cyrus rocks! I'm a Brownie leader, and all my girls are in LOVE with her, so I'm glad to hear that she's trying to set a strong example. Especially with this whole Jami Lynn Spears pregnancy hullabaloo.

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