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La Lohan's Poor, Beleaguered Ex Talking Smack.


Snowboarder Riley Giles, who was recently ditched by Lindsay Lohan, gave WAY too much information to News of the World this week.

Giles and Lohan met in rehab in Utah and apparently began dating even before they left (a rules violation).  According to Giles, Lindsay is a "nymphomaniac" with an addictive personality who uses orgasms as a substitute for drugs.  Yo, Riley.  Orgasm ain't a bad anti-drug, if you know what I'm saying.  And, aww, did your incredibly hot girlfriend like sex?  You poor thing!

Giles goes on to say that "Lindsay was insatiable" and they'd "go at it for hours."  You poor thing!

His nonsense further includes claims that he is ever so worried about her, and that her hair dyeing and spray tanning habits are unhealthy.  This from a guy who handed over photos of her to a British tabloid.  Sure, buddy.

But you should totally feel bad for him.  Because while he wants a reunion with Lindsay, he thinks "people would rather see Lindsay with a movie star than some snowboarding guy."  Say it with me now: You poor thing!


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he's calling her a nympho, but who's the one making the vulger sign in the photo?

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