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MamaPop Weekly TV News Wrap-Up


There is actually quite a bit of non-strike related TV news this week. Mainly because the strike seems to have jumped on the train to TV HELL and we will now all be guiltily watching Crowned until our scripted loves return. We do have a few interesting casting decisions and mid-season premiers to discuss, so let's get to it!

  • But first: Strike Talk. The writers and the studios have stopped negotiating for this strike to end and I'm now entering Phase 4 of my depression: BROWNIES. It looks like we're going to be here awhile, people.
  • NBC finally announced the premiere date of Medium which will be back on January 7th with a guest starring role from Anjelica Huston for six episodes. I can't wait. I normally look forward to this winter premiere, but with the WGA strike, I'm really welcoming the return of Patricia Arquette to my TV.
  • Dave and Jasmine won Beauty and the Geek!. I know I'm the only one who watches that show, but I had to throw that out because they were my favorite! All hail the Larper!
  • With the success that the NFL has brought CBS this season, they have decided to join forces again and ...open a restaraunt? It will be located at the Patriot's stadium and will be called The CBS Scene. I'm guessing beer will be served.
  • We will be drooling over Phil Keoghan one more season of The Amazing Race as it was announced to return for season 13 this year. Since season 12 premiered early after the Viva Laughlin fiasco, Season 13 will likely air in it's spot this spring/summer. This time, Phil will be naked. Or something.
  • Ellen Degeneres is helping repair shelters for animals along with Meow Mix owner. This is reportedly an effort to rebuild herself as a humanitarian after her breakdown over Iggy on air several months ago. But, for those of us who are fans of Ellen, we know this is just stuff she does.
  • My least favorite Biggest Loser trainer, Kim Lyons, will not be returning to season 5 of Biggest Loser. I am completely fine with this, as I am with Team Red being out before the finale on Season 4. Bob Harper is my favorite and possibly my hero. I'd take the show with him and him only.
  • The upcoming Alexis Bledel comedy "The Post-Grad Survival Guide" now has lined up my FNL boyfriend Zach Gilford as her co-star. Bledel might not have pulled me in before, but Matt Saracen will have me there in a heartbeat.

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Woo-hoooo! FINALLY! Medium is coming back!


I'm so glad Kim isn't coming back. What a weirdo.


so wait - does that mean that Zach is off FNL or is he filming this during a hiatus?? got to know!!!


@cbg - Don't worry, by all reports he's still on FNL!!


thank god! :-)


Ewwww...hate the trainer Kim. She was a bit dramatic for me anmd she sucked as a trainer as evidenced by no red team members left for her to train.

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