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Photo Drive-By

It's a day of sluttiness for pictures, I guess. People being caught all over the web in their undies, in bikinis, grabbing butts ... well, you'll just have to keep reading for it all!


First up is Miss Kristen Bell, who has elevated her status to Geek Goddess with this picture of her as "Princess Leia in the gold bikini"! Rock on girl ... make the fanboys want you, and you're guaranteed to stay famous for quite some time.


I feel like I should have saved this for Friday, but I couldn't wait. If that's all David in that underwear, Posh is one lucky (and possibly pregnant!) woman! No wonder Armani wanted him for their underwear campaign!


So creepy. That's JR Rotem, Britney's "friend" and newest "Breakthrough of the Year". People are saying he looks hot here, and I don't buy it one bit, but I'm more disturbed that he's won an award just for "dating" Britney.


Finally, we have this picture from the PS I Love You premiere. That's Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler and Jeffery Dean Morgan all playing a secret game of grab-ass!

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Maxine Dangerous

Damn. I was hoping that last picture was of Tom Cruise.


feel free to re post that David Beckham picture on Friday. and every other day for that matter!

Suzy Q

That pic of Beckham is hot, but I have to wonder: Is that bulge just mostly balls? Or, does it even matter?


The Beckham pic is definitely hot...but I suspect there's a sock or two tucked away in there.

MySpace Text

Beckham is really hot hot. I love the pose too.


I have never found men in tighty whities attractive. Maybe it's just me.

And SuzyQ- Ew.


I think that I AM in love with Kristen Bell.


Personally, my two favorites are the Kristen Bell picture and the butt-grabbing picture. Both are fun :)


As a heterosexual woman, I do not see what other heterosexual women see in David Beckham. That is strictly for "the gays" as Kathy Griffin would say.

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