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Photo Drive-By Wednesday

It's so good today, I'm still laughing at a few of these pictures!


Want to dress like Brad Pitt? Now you can, if you head to the Make It Right website. Or, if you're not a man, you can dress yours like him and role-play a bit!


Jada, Jada, Jada. It's when you look like this that people start to say your husband is Tom Cruise's newest butt-boy.


Somebody needs to learn to hide her empties better if she's going to try to convince people she's still sober. Did they teach you nothing in rehab?


Pam Anderson and her husband Rick Soloman are going to star in their own reality show. Think Nick and Jessica, but with more sex and crazy. Yeah, the dog thinks what I'm thinking about the whole thing.

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I love the dog photo! That just says it right there.


his hands are down his shorts. OK, I don't even let my husband do that and there are no photogs anywhere near our house.


I think Brad is trying to be Guy Ritchie...


AmyC65 - I'm more entertained by the angle from which the picture was took. It really looks like he's pulling out Mr. Happy for Pam to do what she likely does often. ;) From the angle, it almost looks like she's holding her hair back so as not to get any...extra Vitamin E on it! LOL!


Does anyone else think Jada looks like she's a bit on the drunk side? Her eyes have that "where the..hiccup...hell... hiccup...am I" squint.

MySpace Text

hey! hey! hey! what are u pam and hubby doing? seems like the dog feels hot too.


No, MySpace Text, the dog isn't feeling hot. The dog would be crapping its pants over this display, if it had pants to wear. Since it doesn't, it's doing the best it can and just taking a big ol' dump right there near them. I don't think even that kind of smell would make these two stop, though. ;)

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