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Photo Drive-By

I could say i meant to put this up a day late, but I didn't. I thought yesterday was Tuesday. All day. Mama clearly needs a drink!


It works out well, though, because I get to wish the adorable Brad Pitt a happy birthday. He turns 44 today!


In less exciting news, Jennifer Lopez may just have gone into hiding for the remainder of her pregnancy. She's apparently mortified that she's getting puffy (reference above picture for 'mortifying puffiness'), and is going to pull a Victoria Beckham and stay out of the public eye until she gives birth. I think she looks fine, but whatever.


Speaking of Victoria Beckham .... SO SO SO GROSS! Someone needs to do a better job of keeping her boobies in line.


In "no way jose" type news, Jennifer Love Hewitt was rumored to be pregnant. You know, to combat the fat statements. Well, it turns out she isn't. Fat or pregnant, I mean. She's just gorgeous and healthy and has a normal sized body. And we all love her for that.

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Oh dear. Posh the Fembot strikes again. She DOES have trouble controlling her "girls"...
So, who makes a better shiny metallic robot, her or Kidmantron? ;)
Poor Jennifer Love Hewitt. She's just gorgeous and curvy. People need to accept that and move on. Sheesh!


Oh, J-Lo. You don't know from puffy. I'm due to give birth within the next two weeks, and you ain't got nothing on me and my giant face, feet, and hands. Puleez, girl.


the thing i think that looks puffiest on jlo? her lips, actually. but not in a bad or a fake way. just in a "step off, i'm having ten babies!" kind of way.

and i think posh makes a better robot, because she admits to having work done. nic needs to come out of the closet on that one for sure!


Um, how about Posh's camel toe? EW!

Suzy Q

The most mortifying thing about that JLo pic is her hideous makeup. Is Marc applying that now, as well as choosing her clothes? Control freak. But, hey, if she wants to hide for a few months, I say, Go for it. I certainly won't miss her.

What IS completely mortifying is that pic of VBeck's side boob. Holy moly! I think I need eye bleach after that.


Posh's pic reminds me of that pic a couple of weeks ago - the one where someone was wearing a skirt as a dress. Who was it? Sarah Michelle Gellar or someone, wasn't it? Exact same issue. So strange looking.

Personally, I think it looks like scrotum. Is it possible that Posh's implant is a boy???


Oh, I got that nose when I was pregnant, too. And on the (FULL) elevator up to the office one day, a co-worker (who may have had Asperger's now, in retrospect) said "Oh, I can really see you're pregnant now. You've got that pregnant nose!". Thanks for that.


Seconding b's comment... :)

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