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Tootie Wins ANTM; Tyra's Reign Of Terror Continues

Issues for discussion following the totally-rigged finale of Cycle 9 of America's Next Top Model:

1) Does Saleisha (the winner, hand-picked by Tyra) look more like Tootie from Facts of Life or Dora The Explorer?

Saleishablah_3 Tootie_2 Doraantm

2) Does it matter? It was totally rigged anyway. Heather wuz robbed.

3) Why do they call the seasons 'cycles'? Is it some hidden allusion to Tyra's menstrual calendar? Or what?

4) Is Tyra a big ol' bitch all the time, or just during the aforementioned cycles? Like, when she made Jenah (third place, deserving of better) cry just because Jenah said that she didn't think that she needed to be "all rainbows" all the time - was that because of the 'cycle,' or because Tyra's just that way?

(You want evidence for Tyra being 'just that way,' menstrual cycles notwithstanding? How 'bout her saying that Britney should have just committed suicide after her last album? COLD.)

5) Why do I get so sucked into this shit. WHY?

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Tyra is a bitch and an idiot..she's an bidiot. Saleshia..or however you spell it, is a nice and pretty girl, but Heatha was WAY robbed!


Tyra is a bitch and an idiot..she's a bidiot. Saleshia..or however you spell it, is a nice and pretty girl, but Heatha was WAY robbed!


we all get sucked in because of the drama. we hope for cat fights and tears. lots of tears.

but yeah, heather was robbed. they brought in a girl with mild autism and then wondered why she acted a little different. instead of giving her tools to work with, instead of telling her to explain to people why she was a little different, they bumped her out.

my brother has aspergers. and he's never had a problem with someone once he's told them what's up. had they told heather she could tell people when she did stuff, it would have made all the difference. especially on the go-sees. because in the real world, heather would have someone helping her with that BECAUSE of the asperger's. and no one would care!


heather was totally robbed. and thank you for saying so.


Ugh, totally rigged, and I hope everyone knows. The only consolation is that Tootie is headed for a life of smearing Wetslicks on unsuspecting Walmart customers, while Heather et al can go on to successful careers as actual working models.


Damn tootie! This outcome was so obviously rigged it insulted my intelligence. Hell, I think both Jenah and Heather were robbed--I didn't even really like Jenah all that much, but she was more of a model than Chantal or Saliesha (I mean, look at her pictures!!). Oh well, I think whoever DOESN'T win ANTM ends up being more successful anyway.


I saw this coming (plus I've been reading the spoiler boards since September, so I knew this was coming). I'm so done with America's Next Top Model. The vaguely condescending speech Heather was given right as she got the boot did it for. Not that I think she *deserved* to win, but like someone else mentioned: bring in someone with a disability, even a mild one, that sets her apart from the other girls, but don't give her the tools to work with her disability is so wrong.

Miss Britt

Oh my God - I haven't watched the finale yet. It's TiVo'ed.

I think I'm going to cry!!

I'm certain that says something about me. And it's probably bad.


Apparently, a few gossip sites have latched on to the fact, erm, "fact" that Salushia or whatever has had a "working relationship" with Tyra for quite some time now, even so far as having a modeling career before joining the show, somethign that SHOULD have excluded her from signing up altogether. Man, I hope that's true.


Not to play the race card or anything, but has a white contestant ever won ANTM? I've only watched it sporadically, but it seems like every cycle I've seen has come down to a white girl and a black girl and the black girl always wins....


Heather was robbed, I agree. But better Saliesha that either of the two blonde girls. At least it wasn't Bianca. Not that I watched every episode or anything.


JP - There have been 4 white winners, 3 black, one biracial, and one Hispanic winner. And white girls have won over black girls and there have been seasons when there weren't any black girls in the top three. So I don't think that was it.

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