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Photo Drive By Monday


Looks like Nicole isn't doing much to stop the rumors that she's pregnant. Hiding her belly is the first tell-tale sign, and then there's the fact that she's dropped out of her latest movie. Maybe it's a bit premature, but congrats!


And now we have proof that young Hayden Panetierre is dating hottie Milo Ventimiglia. Too bad for those of us that think he's hot! I just want to yell, "Dude, she's your niece!" everytime I hear about them.


Looks like little Chrissy Crocker came to his senses. He's now retracting his "Leave Britney Alone!" and saying she needs intervention. Aw!


It would seem Mimi is trying to co-opt Steven Hawkings' voice synthesizer. She claims it's boring not being able to talk before shows, and she's tired of writing notes. Poor Baby!

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And, I think her breasts look engorged. Congrats, Nicole and Keith Urban (I always have to type his last name).


Actually, Nicole and Keith's reps have been denying the rumors. I sincerely hope she is pregnant. She deserves to have a normal family life, after putting up with Mr. Dancing-on-the-couch-You're-so-glib-Tom Cruise. ;) And Keith Urban is yummy. Maybe not in the pic above, but he IS yummy. I've seen him in concert. YU-MMY!


I just read her rep just issued a statement confirming the pregnancy. Congrats to Nicole & Keith!

Amy H

I just read on people.com that the reps confirmed it! congrats.

and now I wonder why Tom and Nicole didn't have any of their own...


Wow! That was a 180! Last week, Nicole, Keith, and their reps were all denying it!

Yay for them!

Why didn't Tom and Nicole have kids biologically? 'Cuz he is a closeted gay man and she doesn't like turkey basters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As weird as Hayden and Milo dating is (age difference, he plays her uncle on tv, etc), I must admit they look kinda cute in those two photos.

And I hope Nicole has a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy...


I read a few months ago that Nicole and Tom had a couple miscarriages back in the 80's and they stopped trying after that. Hopefully this pregnancy is successful for her now.


Nicole has been very open that she miscarried right before Tom Cruise filed for divorce. My newest theory is that she was preggy via an affair, not Tom's turkey baster, so he filed. Smut? Yes...but it's just a theory I came up with last night. ;)

Suzy Q

Would somebody please get Mariah Carey a dress that fits her? Please? She always looks like a damn sausage.

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