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Poor, Poor Celebs


Let's all thank Britney Spears for reminding us that the only thing better than flipping the bird to your ex is heading out car shopping with your (married) paparazzi boyfriend. In your old wedding dress.


Her transformation to Scientology 'bot almost complete, Katie showed up to Good Morning America today looking like a middle-aged woman from the Upper East Side. All she needs is a miniature pooch like Paris' and a cigarette on a smoking stick, and she'll be complete.


Proof that the end of the world is f*#king nigh, folks? Posh looks like the least plastic of the Spice Girls suddenly. Looks like it's time to start preparing for Armaggedon!


Poor little Danilynn. First, your crazy-as mom overdoses. Then you have to go live with freaky Larry Birkhead. And now you're just a tad bit crosseyed. Oh, Cruel World!


So, did you get your invite to Beyonce and Jay Z's super secret wedding last month? No? I didn't either, but I don't think it happened (despite rumors to the contrary) any more than I think she's joined the list of celebs with a bun in the oven. Because B would not snub me like that.

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Suzy Q

Yes, Britney's choice of wedding attire was so klassy, I guess she just wanted to show it off again.

Hey! Katie stole my grandma's coat, the one she made out of the bedspread! (Love her shoes, though.)

The second one from the right, next to Posh, is that Robot Spice?


Seriously, WHY is Katie channeling Anna Wintour? I miss cute Katie.


I wonder if Anna Wintour is creeped out yet...

Amy H

I remember when Kate was Katie and she looked her age. Now she is married to a guy that is more than a decade older than she is so she changed her name and her look to appear older. Sad.


that one might be robot spice, but the one that's supposed to be scary spice? try drag queen spice.

that doesn't even LOOK like mel b! and don't get me started on how ginger spice isn't even GINGER anymore.


(worshipping at the feet of robyn and her mad photo finding skillz)

Mrs. Kennedy

What Sweetney said.


For a brief moment I thought that was Cher, not Katie.

Then I realized she was way to overdressed for Cher.

Miss Britt

I think that pic with the married boyfriend is a flip off to marriage and spouses everywhere.

I thought that was Cher.

I thought that was a picture of the Spice Girls dolls. Seriously.

Holy shit, another "Britt" made the same comment as me. Now I iz skeered.


Is Jay-Z getting ready to hurl up some lunch in that photo?


Did Mel B have a boob job? They all look like they've been to the plastic surgeon.
What a shame, they all looked good before Plastic Hollywood got a hold of them.
Just a bunch of tarts now, how disappointing!


I'm so sick of Tom Cruise and Katie, he used to be likeable until he went over- kill with the religion thing and traded for another younger woman. They don't suit each other and the clothes she's wearing are too sophisticated for someone that looks like she just got out of high school. Give me a bucket quick!!!


Britney's antics just never end, how can someone who has it all be so screwed up?
What a shame for her 2 boys, I'm sure K-fed is part of the insanity. He likely uses the kids to drive her crazy, all in the name of $$$$$$$$. God girl get your life together or you're doomed!

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