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More Signs Of The Coming Apocalypse: Danny Bonaduce Brings His Lil' Partridge Out To Play

I am warning you: what follows after the jump is not only NSFW, it is NSFVWEQCAASSAAAMABB (Not Suitable For Viewing Without Excessive Quantities Of Caffeine And A Strong Stomach And Also Maybe A Barf Bag):


I'm sorry. I'm so very, very sorry. But having been exposed to it myself, it seemed clear that the only means by which I might purge my brain of this horror was to spread it around it the interwebs.

Since you asked: why, yes, that is a Penthouse spread featuring Danny Bonaduce! There are three possible reasons why this was giving the go-ahead by the discerning editors of that esteemed rag: a) there is a small but vocal Danny Bonaduce fan club that launched a Show Us The Partridge campaign (campaign offices located at The Troll Bridge, Mordor, Land Of Shadow, Middle Earth 90210), or  b) Bonaduce was lashing out at the interwebs for spreading vicious rumors that his pee-pee is of Hobbit proportions, or c) the Apocalypse is nigh and the Horsemen make no explanation for the evil that they spread.

Place your bets, and then go rinse those traces of vomit out of your mouth.

Source, Source-

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Amy H

Catherine--you are officially dead to me.


I kee you, seriously.

Maxine Dangerous



My eyes! My eyes!! Oh, the burning!!!!!


lawsa! having to see that made me throw up a little in my mouth. and yet, i had to look!


you did warn me.

the vomiting. oh, the hurlous vomitous vomiting.


I think people are being unnecessarily unkind. He has a totally hot body, great tats and a nicely weathered face. I actually searched to see the real naked pic on the net, and sure enough he was cheated when God was handing out willies, but that can be easily overlooked when someone has a great personality like Danny has.

Her Bad Mother

jeffers1961? IS THAT YOU, Jonny Fairplay?

Suzy Q

Catherine, you must be punished for this. Go stand in the corner!


lol, but how bout the numerous photos of the girls along with this being the 2008 Pet of the Year issue?? Not to mention the 9 posters included with the magazine featuring the most popular Pets from penthouse.com?

okay, the Apocalypse may be around the corner...


Ok so this even tops the time I had the weird pregnancy sex dream about him when he forced me to do steroids.

No wait...that was worse. Sorry.


Jeffers1961, what is the matter with you? The man is FUGLY all the way around! And I am MEAN!

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