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What's new in Britney Spears legal land

Britney_spears People is reporting the Court extended Britney's father's co-conservator role and granted her brother influence over her day-to-day expenses last week until a psychiatric evaluation of Britney is completed.  You can read the order here.

Britney's father and attorney Andrew Wallet were also granted the power to handle the singer's taxes, and Britney's brother Bryan, 30, was named as a trustee of her trust. According to court papers, trust funds are used "to pay for Britney's continued security, and to pay for her medicine, food, other day-to-day expenses and for psychiatric and other medical services."  They also have the right to employ bodyguards who control Britney's actions and restrict her visitors.

There is so much more, including a Federal Court Filing that could derail the California Conservatorship, after the jump.

Attorney Jeryll Cohen, representing Jamie, said they still haven't been able to serve a restraining order against Britney's pal Sam Lutfi who, Cohen says, seems to be avoiding service.  TMZ has learned Sam Lutfi is under investigation by the LAPD for allegedly drugging Britney Spears.

And in other very bizarre news, Attorney John Eardley filed papers in federal court last Thursday, alleging the California courts have railroaded Britney by imposing a conservatorship. Eardley tells TMZ Britney called him, but he would not disclose the circumstances surrounding the alleged call or what she said.    Because Federal papers have been filed, they need to be considered before any more rulings can be issued in the state court.  Most likely, the Federal claim will be dismissed.  There is some speculation that Sam Lufti was involved in the filing.

Eardley claims, "It is doubtful that Ms. Spears can receive equal protection and a fair trial or hearing in the custody proceedings because of the intense media scrutiny of what would normally be private aspects of a person's life." It appears Eardley wants an injunction issued in federal court, asking the judge for the power to protect Britney in the custody case as well.

The documents allege "the deprivation of her civil liberties by the conservator is so severe as to interfere with the effectiveness of the scheduled medications that are covered by the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act." This appears to be an attempt to get the Federal court to accept jurisdiction.

"I see the case as a civil rights case," he tells PEOPLE.  "These are issues of confinement. Very serious confinement. Not allowed to contact her friends. Not allowed to use the phone. Not allowed to come and go as you please. Bodyguards controlling you and so forth."

Considering the Judge already ruled Britney is not competent to hire an attorney, I'm not sure what is to be gained by asking a Federal court a step in. I don't see where the Federal jurisdiction is.  And, Britney did not seem like she was being held hostage when she went shopping and out to dinner with her father this weekend.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out with the custody case.  I'm still not sure how one court can find her incompetent and another court proceed with a custody case.  While I don't think she should have her children back, I don't see how the custody case can proceed until she is mentally able to participate in the hearing.

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The Lufti instigated request for federal jurisdiction is based its claim on the premise that Daddy Spears is now in charge of Britney's physical person and could interfere with her taking her prescribed medications - which apparently Lufti was doing himself. How gross is that if the federal court sees any merit in the claim?

I hope to God that girl gets the help she needs.

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