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Gossip Rag Thursday


We're back with Gossip Rag Thursday, long missed but not forgotten. And to start the weekend in gossip mags off right, we've got Jennifer Lopez and her "adorable" twins. That's right, i put it in quotes. They look like their heads are smooshed! Hopefully it's just the picture, and not really their heads.


In more "important" news, Suri Cruise hasn't been photographed in over two months! Here's hoping she jumped the Scientology ship and ran back to her real father Chris Klein!


And in sobby sobby news, Lauren Conrad brings up her reality tv life yet again, this time talking about a few other of her fake friends ... at least it's not Spencer and what's her face this time.


If Star is to be believed, Jen's now the "other woman" in a relationship! See, Kate and Owen might just be back on, and Jen's swooping in on the set of their movie to steal away a taken man. Sound like the song they were singing about Brad and Angie a few years ago!


Yay! Twins!! So like the cover girl they share this week with, Jennifer Lopez. Who has apparently lost all her baby weight on the same plan Nicole Richie was on. Which just CAN'T be healthy.


It looks like Jen's gotten more covers than the Jolie-Pitts this week! She's showing off her bod, and apparently she's got some new magic diet. Personally, I don't see much of a difference between her here and her a year ago, but that's why they don't pay me the big bucks.

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oh gossip rag thursday, i have missed thee. good to have you back, and thanks, robyn!


While on the treadmill at the gym this morning, both the Early Show and Today had several of the same stories on at the same time, and one of them was this. Even though I was reading them captioned, one said that the babies both looked exactly like Marc A. That might even have been a quote from Mommy. Oof.


They DO look just like Marc. Poor little things. Let's hope they manage to escape the "desperately needs a liver transplant" aura of their papa.


If J.Lo's babies look just like daddy, they are jaundiced. They can cure that in babies. Him? Apparently not. Dude is just icky looking.

Child As Status Symbol AGAIN?

One more celebrity using their child as a fashion accessory to gain more attention. You pray for the day the child gains awareness and says, "Leave me alone." You dread the day the child shares the parent's addiction and demands constant attention.


I do not see how those babies' heads look "smooshed." You girls that write on this site can be so cruel sometimes.

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