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Hogans Sued for Nick's Crash

Hogans I know when Linda filed for divorce the theory was they were doing that to break up their assets for an impending law suit.  Well, looks like that suit is here.

The family of John Graziano, the man seriously injured in Nick Hogan's August 2007 street racing crash, has filed suit against Hulk, Linda and Nick Hogan alleging they were negligent and are directly liable for the wreck that injured him.  The suit alleges that Nick negligently operated his Toyota Supra by racing another man in a Dodge Viper, a car also owned by Hulk.  It claims John will need medical care for the rest of his life.  And, after looking at these photos, (do not do so if you have recently eaten), I believe him.  John has been in a coma since the crash and has not regained consciousness, nor have there been any predictions that he will.  Attorneys for his family have noted the "astronomical" medical expenses.

The Hogans should settle this, and fast.

This is a "negligent entrustment" action.  Basically, they are alleging Hulk was negligent by entrusting Nick to drive a car owned by him.  To prove that, he must show Hulk "knew or should have known" of Nick's propensity for speeding and reckless driving. 

The lawsuit also names Daniel Jacobs, who was driving the other Hulk owned car, as a co-defendant. He pleaded no contest to reckless driving last month.

The Hogan's visited John in the hospital on Valentine's day, which his family called a "publicity stunt."  I can't imagine why considering they brought gifts and were accompanied by photographers.

"The Bollea (Hogan's real last name) family has been visiting John for the last seven or eight months, and there's been no PR about it whatsoever," their Tampa-based attorney, Morris "Sandy" Weinberg Jr., said. "It's a bunch of nonsense to suggest their visits to John are a PR stunt. That's crazy."  Hulk Hogan was not part of the Valentine's visit but reportedly sees him about every five weeks.

source, source

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