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Lara Flynn Boyle What What What?

According to numerous quasi-reputable sources, this is indeed a photo of Lara Flynn Boyle:


In case you need your memory refreshed, this is what Lara Flynn Boyle used to look like:


She was always a little disturbingly thin, but she was still gorgeous.

So...what happened? Is she...okay? Is she...sick? The puffiness is seriously alarming me.

Or...le sigh...is it the more obvious answer of plastic surgery + self-delusion = I'm Going To Mr. Chow's To Show Off How Smoking Hot I Look Now! Whee!

Here are a few more photos from the unfortunate present.



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Oh, dear me. Is it just me, or does she look like sourpuss Renee Zellweger in that first photo? It's like Bridget Jones' head photoshopped onto a skeleton.


www.awfulplasticsurgery.com, right?

ugh. she looks like she just washed up on a beach somewhere, bloated corpse-style.


It looks like she had whatever fat was left in her ass injected into her face.

No good.


That is the face of someone being medicated for something. I hope she's OK.


I'm with Tamara. That is not plumping anyone would pursue intentionally. I'm looking at her hands, for signs of arthritis or something. She looks steroidal? It looks painful to me.

teh Duchess

She looks a bit like the pics of Priscilla Presley that ya'll had up the other day.


I think "sourpuss Renee Zellweger" is an oxymoron.

Just sayin.


I agree- a bit like Priscilla. Filler gone wrong? Allergic reaction?

Most people who are taking sterioids also get swollen necks and potbellies. I don't see that...


Her face and eyes make me think it is sickness. At least, I hope she hasn't joined the crazies.


I do think medication is a very real possibility here, or a reaction to whatever the hell procedure(s) she had done. Her lips and eyes look "done" to me, but the cheeks and the jawline? That ain't right, and YES, very Priscilla post-auto-lube injections. I'm also thinking her hand in the first photo doesn't look quite right (although it could be the angle).

The one thing I don't get is if this is a reaction or a medication side effect, wtf is she doing out courting the paps at Mr. Chow's?

chatty cricket

I am sure she's had work done in the past, but like Amy (and others) just said, this looks like a reaction or a side effect to medicine. The only thing I can think is that she either doesn't care to hide, or this isn't something that's going away in a week. I hope she's alright!

I just recently saw her interviewed by Jerry O'Connell on the set of a movie they are doing together (with Heather Graham) and she looked perfectly fine.


I don't know about the allergic reaction theory....she was a guest star on Law & Order last month and looked just like this.


My guess (as an armchair internet doctor) is she is taking prednisone for an autoimmune disorder. Poor dear.


I first thought prednisone, too, cause I've taken it and gotten all moon faced. But I also put on 10-15 pounds and she still looks like a stick. So who knows. If it is due to something medical I hope she gets better.


I wonder if this is just a really good/bad impersonator and this is part of Ashton Kutcher's new show?? Just a thought. If it is her, she does look sick. I hope she's okay if so!

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