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Bravo Loses Project Runway to Lifetime


This is a big hot tranny mess, y'all.

For the next five seasons of Project Runway, Bravo is out and Lifetime is in. One more season will air on Bravo this summer, and then will start up again in November on Lifetime.

UNLESS, of course, NBC (which owns Bravo) wins the lawsuit they filed against the Weinstein Company for signing the deal with Lifetime in the first place, and I don't understand any of this because I do not honestly even know what channel Lifetime IS anymore. It's been a long time since I watched Fifteen and Pregnant or The Face on the Milk Carton or that one where Valerie Bertinelli plays the crazy chick who PUTS THE LAUNDRY AWAY SOAKING WET and then THROWS RAW MEAT AT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS and now I'm wondering why it's been so long because those movies are fucking awesome.

But it sounds like Bravo isn't letting its top show go without a big old catfight. Dramz!

Anyway, I guess NBC and Bravo were pretty stunned by Lifetime's big score and are claiming that the whole deal violates their right of first refusal, going as far as to say that Lifetime has "been sold stolen goods."

The Weinstein Company claims the lawsuit is bullshit and said, "While good for the market for lawyers, it is always unfortunate when parties try to win in court what they have lost in the marketplace."

Lifetime (which also picked up the rights to develop a ProjRun spinoff) responded by screaming, "STOP FIGHTING! YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE! CAN'T YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS TO ME?", then ran to their room and slammed the door.


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I love BRAVO...I can totally be okay with having a season pass to that channel in my DVR. Not so much with Lifetime. Actually I can barely breathe thinking about having to watch one of my favorite shows on that channel. This is one time that I hope the lawyers win.


Lifetime?!?!?! Blech. I don't know if I can watch something advertised as "Television for Women".


Yep, still gonna watch.


they're going to have to change their slogan to "television for women, teenagers, and also really gay men who look better than most women you know."

i love bravo.


The Wednesday night line up - Project Runway followed by Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? I can hardly wait!


I only remembered the one where big-eyed Kellie Martin stabbed Tori Spelling to death...man, that was a great one! :D

Suzy Q

"Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?" HAA! Tori Spelling at her finest.

I always wondered why there was never a sequel: "Mother May I Sleep With Danger...AGAIN?" You KNOW you would have watched it!


I'm going to need to know what movie that was with the tweeked out VB. I must have missed it while I was glued to LifeTime, aka Saturday mornings in college.

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