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Disturbing Celebrity Quote Of The Week


Which celebrity, do you suppose, dropped this stomach-unsettling sound bite:

"It's amazing how your stomach goes ‘boop' (after giving birth) and it's this jiggly mass. I EVEN PLAY with my little leftover belly."


(Caps and italics and bolding and all highlighty bizniss mine.)


Actually, I don't know whether I find that statement comforting (which I do, for sure, because it is evidence that even star-dusted demi-goddesses like J-Lo have a jiggly mass' of 'leftover belly' after pregnancy. Like MOI) or nightmare-inducing (she plays with it? what does that even mean? DISTURBING VISUAL DO NOT WANT.)

Let me take that back. The statement about 'jiggly belly'? Fine. The statement about 'playing with jiggly belly'? NOT FINE.

Need to scroll back through MamaPop archives for cleansing visuals. WHERE ARE THOSE OLD FRIDAY EYE CANDIES DAMMIT?


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I don't see anything wrong with that quote, nothing disturbing, nothing gross.

I'm becoming severely frustrated with the frequency of your body-focused posts and I hope that in the very near future you find other ways to critique celebrities than either being envious of or disgusted by their bodies...fat, thin, squishy, floppy or plywood-esque.

I'm so attuned to your body-focused posts that I can ACCURATELY pick them out every.single.time (and by every single time, I mean "pretty much every post you've written in the past five months") from my feed reader, which does not post the author's name. Is that good writing? I think not!



Wow, is someone tying Meaghan down and forcing her to maintain her reluctant readership of this site? ??

As for me: I see this as less body-focused and more "Who says stuff like that in public?" I have NO problem believing that all women who have children have "leftover belly" and think it's admirable that she might even admit it. What I don't want is the phrase and accompanying mental picture of ANYONE, celebrity or not, playing with a jiggly belly.


In fact...No. I'm not tied down whatsoever. I'm specifically frustrated with a particular topic reappearing with great frequency on this site...a site I rather enjoy on any other occasion.

Comments are not limited to praise and agreement, Lori. I can, in fact, have an opinion that differs and I can execute my desire to share it should the situation warrant. I'm sorry I'm not participating in cheerful agreement as seems to be a requirement lest you be thought of as a curmudgeonly troll.


oh la la la la la

I'm just so amazed that JLo admits to something being imperfect and... common that I actually find this rather endearing.


I have to confess now that I STILL do that with the extra belly I grew when I was pregnant with my daughter... who is almost six. :P


I totally did that! all the time! It's hard not to when it is SO soft and squishy! man up girls, I know ya'll did it too!


I don't find the quote bothersome at all, and I would also like to chime in and ask for, I dunno, more insightful writing about bodies when they're written about here? When Amalah and Sweetney announced they were launching this site, I figured it would be closer in tone to their own sites or to Jezebel or something - anything other than a typical celebrity gossip rag. I have been disappointed. FWIW, I don't read MamaPop much anymore.


J-Lo is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't around here. I, too, was annoyed when she was talking about dropping the baby weight so quickly. Now she's talking about having a belly, just like all the rest of the mothers in the world, and now that's "gross"?

Honestly not trying to join in the raging debate that seems to be going on at the moment about what should or shouldn't be posted here. I just think we need to give credit where credit is due. She's FINALLY doing something that embraces motherhood, and we're going to tear her down and call her gross for it? Just seems unfair.

Her Bad Mother


Sensitive much?

I specifically singled out the PLAYING WITH BELLY part of the quote as discomfiting. I noted specifically that I found COMFORT in her admission of floppy post-pregnancy belly - it was the FIDDLING with it that grossed me out.

I don't want to hear about anybody fiddling with any part of their body, jiggly or not. It has nothing - NOTHING - to do with her body type or weight. If she said that she still had swollen feet (fine), but that she like to suck on her own swollen toes: NOT FINE.

Bitch about whatever issues I might have about touch and sexuality or whatever, but seriously? If you think that this post was a slag on someone's weight - when, again, I stated outright that I found the jiggly belly part *comforting* - you've got warped reading goggles on.

Is your request that no bodies get discussed, ever, under any circumstances? Because apart from having been a bit pissy about K-Fed's Rodney Dangerfield look a few weeks back, and some critical commentary on boob jobs, I can't recall ever having said that I was disgusted by anyone's body (again, here? NOT THE BODY. The FIDDLING WITH the body. Different issue). I have, however, written at length about unrealistic expectations of post-partum bodies and media obsession with cellulite, etc, etc. So I'm not sure what Meaghan's up in arms about. Is it *any* discussion of bodies? Because that closes off a lot of discourse.

Her Bad Mother

(natasha - yeah, maybe I did it too. but, ummm, sshhhhh...)


Yeah, let's focus on the real issues here.

One, this quote is, like, three weeks old.

Two, J-Lo is not breastfeeding and was quoted as saying, "You have to read and do what's best for the babies" (or something like that) and added her mom didn't breastfeed so she didn't want to, either.

Um, nice.


HBM...what are you talking about? You have effectively constructed a beltway around The Point and you are navigating that trip rather poorly.

I never said [in this post] that you were fatphobic or that I had a particular issue with your language in reference to Jennifer's post-baby-fat pooch. If you scroll up and read, I said that THE ENTIRE QUOTE was unoffensive.

BUT...how you can even remotely convince your audience (specifically, ME) that there wasn't a shred of fatphobia in your comment about jiggling the pooch when, until recently, you were ALL ABOUT THE FAT CRITIQUE. Do you think that this sudden change somehow immediately absolves you of your past sins? I don't think so.

Today you've posted twice...once about Jennifer's jiggling pooch and once about not wanting to see Sharon Stone's vag. You've also called Robin Williams "squat and sweaty", guffawed a Jennifer's quick baby weight droppage, and attempted to cheer Britney's cellulite (all of that "good for you, sister!" crap is patronizing, not uplifting). You are body OBSESSED...and this is all snippets from the last MONTH.

What I am suggesting here is not a complete termination of body talk on MP, but perhaps a request for you to knock it off with the body obsession or apply for the position of "Celebrity Body Critic" because it seems to be something at which you are particularly skilled.



You are going off on a snippet of an article on a gossip web site. One might say by the amount of time you have spent here today that you perhaps enjoy Mamapop because it enables you to voice your opinion THREE TIMES on one tiny little topic. One could also say YOU are obsessed with always being right...on this subject anyway. We, as women and members of the human race, are body obsessed because we have bodies. People who say they aren't are lying and perhaps only have a head and no body. Or something.


Jessica, here's a fourth obsessive comment just for you!

I'm quoted in the "Press" tab here at MamaPop and I'll just quote myself here again for your reference:

"MamaPop has brought a lot of "gossiping" to a new level...moving away from fashion or other superficials and taking on bigger, more significant gossip, such as legal ramifications of star behavior, ethical journalism, and even parenting."

Drawing on people's faces and commenting about baby flab is about as profound and interesting FOR A GOSSIP SITE as Perez Hilton. And I don't read that crap, ok?


Why are you so angry Meaghan? Chill. Start an ethical gossip site of your own and call it Meaghan Knows Best. Or ask Sweetney if you can be a guest writer here and show 'em how it's done. I think JLo would be pleased at you standing up for her right to jiggle her belly.

Her Bad Mother

Again, seriously. How does me not wanting to see Sharon Stone's vag qualify as fat critique? Ditto my commentary on the celebrity obsession with dropping baby weight immediately, or on media hatred toward cellulite? You're cherry-picking and engaging in intrepretive creativity to support your bias. The posts you cite criticize celebrities and media for weight obsession - I still don't know where you're seeing me slag on people's weight (and, sorry, me stating that I find Robin Williams short and hairy and generally unattractive, does not, in my mind, qualify me for Fatphobic Gossip of the year).

MY MamaPop is not all Women's Studies, all the time. I'm personally interested in media and body image, so I write about that sometimes. I also sometimes write stuff that's kinda fluffy, because, well, why the hell not? You see something insidious about me not wanting to see Sharon Stone's vag, or getting the skeeves from J-Lo's description of playing with her tummy, that's your glitch. You might also consider looking into the obvious spencerheidiphobia that is rampant on MP - and of which I am also guilty - and the obviously twisted daddy issues that led me to criticize Eliot Spitzer. Oh, there's probably some penisphobia to be addressed here, too... Clearly, I am a MESS.


"significant gossip" ?? And here all along I thought it was something to be amused by while trying to kill a few minutes of boredom during the day. I had no idea it should be taken so seriously! Stupid me.

...ssshhh....someone needs a hobby.....

And thank you, but I'll pass on Sharon's vag too. Why would Meaghan care about that comment? oooohh wait. Nevermind. {{{wink}}}.

Mrs Hannigan has 6 girls

I have six little leftover belly things and I play with them every day. Except the oldest one, she's 14 and not really into playing much, so we go out to Starbucks whenever we have a sitter.


BORED - Yes, it's true. Due to my status as a big ol' lesbian, I like to see vag at every possible opportunity.

Thanks for the homophobic comment, fool.



Mmkay... "Bored"? What the fuck is wrong with you, for real. That comment was six kinds of not okay. There are multiple people in this conversation taking up different sides of the argument and disagreeing about the quote and whether it was disturbing, and everyone but you has been bright and articulate enough to get their thoughts across without resorting to juvenile bullshit in the vein of "Har har, ur a lezzzzbian." Maybe you should go play and let the big girls talk it out in our grown-up voices.


Oh good God. Give it a rest will you? I am not a homophobe. I could use that very same comment had it been Christian Bale's ____ hanging out and I referred to some woman that I knew liked him. It was not meant to be homophobic. Can you guys take yourselves less seriously EVER? Is this a gossip site for funny tidbits about celebrities or a f-ing woman's studies class ALL. THE. TIME. It's a little tired. How about you put your "grown up" voices to use somewhere USEFUL. Jesus, next thing you know someone will have to resign from their job for calling a group of kids climbing in a tree "monkeys" Doh! I guess I'm a racist now for thinking that is BS too, considering I have called my own children monkeys. Dammit. I just can't win. har har har. Give me a big fat cellulite filled break!


Uh, okay. So your comment wasn't about the fact that Meaghan's a lesbian, right? By the way, if you'd like to tell me where I called you a homophobe or a racist, we can talk about that. Until then, quit projecting your bullshit all over me, thanks. What I said was that your comment was juvenile and stupid, which it was, and that everyone else had managed not to be juvenile and stupid, which they had.

Furthermore, if you've overanalyzed to the point of finding some women's-studies-esque self-absorption in my numerous posts about fucking Spencer Pratt, Motley Crue, and leftoverz spelled with a z, perhaps you really are BORED.


Wow, talk about projecting bullshit. And self absorbed? Did I say you called me a homophobe? NO. That comment came from Meaghan. Um....okay....AND I was not speaking of you when I mentioned women's studies either, Mmmmmkay? The "women's studies" comment had to do with the issues being discussed above. Not the issue of "is Angela getting any attention."

Clearly, you love listening to yourself rant for no particular reason at all. Funny how such a "Juvenile" comment set you off on a tirade. If anyone is overanalyzing anything it's you.

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