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Evan Rachel Wood's Beauty Secret: "My Boyfriend Drinks My Blood!"

Wood_before_manson I understand that Evan Rachel Wood is only 20 years old and not everyone has developed a solid identity at that age, but holy mustache bleach, is Marilyn Manson slowly draining all the blood from her body when she's asleep? I've heard of emotional vampires but this is ridiculous.

Photos of Evan's amazing transformation into Manson's "type" (har -- get it? BLOOD TYPE?) after the jump.

Evan_ditaHere's a side-by-side comparison of Evan last night at the premier of Life Before Her Eyes, left, and Dita von Tiese, Manson's ex-wife, on the right. You know what, Evan, the retro-goth-burlesque-vampire look doesn't work on everybody. You need to bring that shit from within. Look at Dita, she's a natural, she developed that look because she collects Art Deco hatboxes and fetish shoes and romanticizes burlesque culture and it just flat-out suits her. She was this way completely independently of Manson, that drugged-out kook who is now doing some weird Henry Higgens on his lady Evan, a formerly normal, healthy human being who he's been busy molding into his ex-wife, I think. Or maybe himself? Hard to tell, since he too favors that aged-in-a-cave bleu-cheese skin tone.

Wait, didn't this happen with him and Rose McGowan, too?


You know what? He's not a Henry Higgins, he's more of a Svengali, a man who hypnotizes and manipulates young women into wearing dresses with NO ASS.

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I love that Dita von Tiese divorced him because of "life style" differences. If you're life is so whacked out that a professional burlesque dancer won't stay with you, because she's uncomfortable with the life decisions you're making, I think it's time to re-evaluate.

You Could Be My Silver Springs Blood Sucker

I saw a photograph of him recently, sans makeup, landing at LAX...there was someone else behind him and the joke was that person was being ignored. It's somewhere out there on Dlisted or TMZ. He looks like an overweight, plain man. Boring. I've read that he's intelligent. Dita, as stated above, has her own cultural reference points and interests. It's Evan Rachel I wonder about. When she made "Down in the Valley," she was dating Edward Norton for a while...and big age gap, but there they were kissing and holding hands at the movies. Too sweet. Especially when he was repeatedly stipulating there was to be NO BUTTER on the popcorn. Hello Trilby and I'll match your Svengali.


I am glad you did the side by side... I saw them on tv last night and thought it was creepy how much she looked like Dita.
Poor Rose McGowan in that "dress". I am sure she has very bad flashbacks from wearing that.

Mrs. Kennedy

Yeah, Rose appears to be gratefully and tastefully covering it up these days.


Seriously, I know it's been said before, but how does a guy like that wind up dating all these gorgeous, interesting women?

Makes me feel like I'm never going to find a decent boyfriend, since I'm nowhere near as pretty as any of them and yet somehow they still wound up with a guy I wouldn't touch with a pole.


What the eff happened to Evan Rachel Wood that would lead her to this scumbag? SO confused about this. Remember how cute she was, as a 12 year old, fresh out-of-the-closet girl on "Once and Again" a few years ago? And her amazing performance in "Thirteen?" Seemed like she had such a good head on her shoulders. Now? Hmmm...me thinks there's something severely effed up about her thinking skills. And she clearly has some sort of daddy issues, to be dating these older men.


u have a chunky ass

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