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"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Review


After the abysmal pile of crap that was Drillbit Taylor, Judd Apatow and I had a come to Jesus discussion about his failures as of late. This is a man known for his brilliance in producing, writing and directing perfectly planned comedies and yet Drillbit Taylor? Walk Hard? Complete shit if you ask me though no one actually has asked me since my name is not A.O. Scott. I begged and I pleaded on my hands and knees that he would see the light and make a sharp U-Turn back to Classic Apatow. The stuff that catapulted 40-Year Old Virgin and Superbad into film history as instant classics with the perfect blend of hysterical raunchiness and yet able to evoke emotion. Which seems like a bit of an oxymoron but with all Apatow flicks there are the moments after the ubiquitous penis talk (or in the case of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, penis shot) that still manage to tug at the heart strings. And my hell, I was hell bent on getting that back.

So I basically sauntered up to Judd and tapped him on the shoulder. Hands on my hips, I proudly announced "Hey Judd, could you please make a movie that doesn't suck?"

At first he rolled his eyes, I mean who wouldn't? But then he said "Depends. What have you got for me? And no lame romantic comedy, Sandra Bullock BS"

"Well, it has the potential to be utterly romantic but I know you. I know that you wouldn't want the romance to be overt and soupy enough to invoke the gag reflex."

"So no, tear jerkers, Meg Ryan, dead boyfriend shit..."

"Oh, God no. How about a sultry and wildly popular television star who dates a not so sexy and definitely not popular yet affable and charming composer"

"Mmmhmm...keep going"

"The actress and the composer date for years. Their home is plastered in photos of them doing kitschy stuff like snorkeling or feeding each other ribs. The boyfriend is living his life and happy when one day the actress comes home to break up with him. But instead of a traditional break up scene where there are tears from the girl as she says 'It's not you, it's me' thus causing the audience to groan audibly. It will be a break up scene where the tall, pasty as hell, curly haired boyfriend is so shocked by the break up that he drops his towel thus rendering him completely nude while the hot girlfriend pulls out the break up one liners"

"I can see it...oh yes...I can see it. And of course you know me, he has to be blindingly white and not conventionally hot but cute enough to cause girls to swoon and feel for him in his time of need"

"EXACTLY. But it gets better! Because then the ex-boyfriend, let's call him...Peter! Peter Bretter. Peter ends up completely heartbroken and attempting to move on yet he can't because of these continuous Sarah Marshall (his ex-girlfriend) loops running through his head. Of course we all know that when a break up occurs that the feelings are so strong and all-consuming that the only way to really move on is to get the hell away. So at the suggestion of his step-brother Peter goes on vacation to a resort in Hawaii where Sarah Marshall, his former paramour, is also vacationing"

"And hilarities ensue as he's Forgetting Sarah Marshall!"

"YES! And super awkward situations like Sarah being on vacation with her super popular emo-hipster boyfriend and Peter finding himself seated next to them at a romantic restaurant or in the cabana next door. So close that he can hear them having sex. Stuff like that that would make even the biggest hard ass cringe and feel bad for him. Of course a little more complication should be added by way of a romance for Peter. Someone who is hot as hell and teaches Peter that he really needs to get over his ex-girlfriend. It will be a romantic comedy but not the typical blowing through a box of kleenex type thing. No one wants to sob they want to laugh so hard that ribs are bruised. It should be funny and full of all that awkward goodness that you are known for but not so obvious that you can see the joke from a mile away. It will be smart and hilarious and the perfect return after that shit storm you called Drillbit Taylor"

"It will be a success"

"Of course!"

And that's pretty much how it went. We spoke. Judd obliged and has made remarkably sharp turn from forcing audiences to sharpen pencils and stick said pencils in their ears back to his trademark comedic gold. You're welcome.

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She Likes Purple

I did love it (hello, Veronica Mars was in it) but one thing that annoyed me more was that half the funny parts from the preview weren't in the movie.


I love the fact that you too have "come to Jesus" meetings :)

Now I just have to get the other half to do something else one afternoon so that I can have an excuse to go the movies by myself (he'll watch these type of movies, but won't go to the theartre to see them...sigh)


I am definetley going to go see this. It was actually written by Jason Segel or Marshall to HIMYM fans. Suposedly the scene in which he is naked while his girlfriend breaks up with him really happened. Can't wait!!


My favorite was the rock opera he was writing. I have made it my mission to learn all the words.


1) I knew someone would bring up Veronica Mars and I hate to say it but I have never seen a single episode. I might get it from Netflix now though. Apparently it's good...

2) The Dracula opera was amazing. I mean it wasn't just a Dracula opera but it was a Dracula opera with PUPPETS. It really doesn't get any better than that.

Seriously a great movie and it makes me that much more excited for 'Step Brothers' and 'Pineapple Express'. The Summer of Judd.


I am so excited about this movie. Thank you for posting this awesome review. I feel as though I now have permission to go and watch it. Like, tonight.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall was one of my favorite movies of the year as well as one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time. We reviewed it to on our site at http://mysocialstandards.blogspot.com/ if you want to check it out!

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