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Friday Eye Candy: Reader Edition, Part One

After all the great pics we here at Mamapop have given you all, it's time we give you back some of your own pics. First up, we've got Jennifer's pics. She was even kind enough to send me links to some great pictures, so all the hard work was done for me. She even picked a theme! It's all about movie stars of eras past this week.


Albert Finney


Cary Grant


Clark Gable


Elvis Presley


Frank Sinatra


Gary Cooper


Gregory Peck


James Dean


Marlon Brando


Peter O'Toole


Rock Hudson


Sean Connery


Super hot Christian Bale (aka the Mamapop mascot) says thanks for the memories!

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So, Jennifer likes 'em (mostly) dead?
Although, those are some handsome men, and they don't exactly make 'em like that anymore.


Oh my hell, Cary Grant. I have a very intense Thing for that man.


Holy cow, Marlon Brando. I was first introduced to him in his white whale years, so the first time I saw A Streetcar Named Desire I almost passed out. Am woozy. Someone break out the smelling salts.


I'm with Aim-a-lah. I have been in love with Cary Grant since I was a little girl.

And the shot of Sean Connery surrounded by Red Stripe bottles isn't too bad either.

Oooo! And Peter O'Toole. Have you seen "Lawrence of Arabia"? He was almost too beautiful.


James Dean! *sighs dreamily*


Where's Paul Neuman circa Exodus! He was so dreamy in that movie. And half Jewish- woo hoo!


Thank you for the shout out to Clark Gable...he still makes me weak in the knees now. It's that whole "southern gentleman" thing from Gone With The Wind I think.

And Christian Bale...YUMMY....


Wow. I've never seen such a hot picture of Albert Finney. In fact, I always assumed his earliest work was Annie.

I'm missing Paul Newman too.


THANK YOU to Jennifer for her amazing taste! We have almost identical taste. And I, too, prefer the leading men of days long ago. Sighs....have to go change my undies now. ;)


I'm pretty sure this is my favourite theme so far. Mmm mmm good.

Suzy Q

That photo of Sean Connery makes me positively SWOON. Want.

All great choices, Jennifer!


Peter O'Toole? not so much. Every other one is hawt.

Karen (miscmum)

I'm with Ria - we need more of these. My favourite ever. (But I'm an oldie movie fanatic...so, biased!)


Somehow drooling over this and having my 4-year old rocking out to Laurie Berkner in the same room just feels wrong. {sigh}


Is it just me or does Rock Hudson looks a lot like Nick Stokes from CSI? Or is it the other way around.


God they really used to know how to make a real man!


I am in total agreement except for the omission of Errol Flynn. I still have a crush on him, and he's been dead for like, fifty years.

And I'm with Amy on the P O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia. Those AMAZING blue eyes...Wow. I need a moment.

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