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Gossip Rag Thursday


Xenu? Tom's poolboy fantasies? What do you think it could be that's tearing them apart?! Sanity on the part of Ms. Holmes?!

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Angie's been rushed to the doctor? Here's hoping if this is true, she's doing okay and her babe(s) isn't/aren't in trouble.


Wait, weren't they breaking up like three inches up? Which one of you is wrong here, In Touch and OK?


People, taking the high road, chooses to disect the lives of hte Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. That's like when they used to talk about the sweet lives of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.


Okay, I'm going on the record and saying this: first, cellulite doesn't just go away. It's Photoshopped out. And second, 20lbs in 30 days is unhealthy, NOT something to praise people over. </rant>

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Why is every kissing photo of two single celebrities, who were not previously linked, captioned "It's LOVE!" Why can't it be lust, temporary insanity, or just testing the waters. If I'd been in LOVE with every guy I'd kissed, that would be a huge number.

Wait, that didn't sound right...


Thin by Memorial Day?????

Are they saying these two are fat, because this fatty just became ENRAGED!!


Angie was rushed to the doctor because...her ankles were swollen.

Diagnosis: pregnancy-related swollen ankles.


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