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Gossip Rag Thursday


This week in gossip rags, Angie poses for racy photos. Racy because of the horrid scarf on her head? Or because now that they have those photos of her next to a photo of her now, we can all see the plastic surgery Angie's so CLEARLY had?!


Now they're too thin. I hate that if these ladies gain ten pounds, they're called too fat, but then they comply and now they're too thin? Now, don't get me wrong, they most definitely ARE too thin, but the double-standard is maddening.


Miracle food? If by miracle food they mean recycling old pictures, then I'll buy it. And what's so wrong with the way she looks in the green top? Sure, she's not anorexic-thin like the ladies on the cover of Life & Style, but that's a GOOD thing. Right?


NIce! Brit's back with K-Fed! I might hurl with excitement. Or not. Here's hoping they can make it work for their kids' sake. I'm much more interested in Lindsay's relapse and Shiloh's chipped tooth, myself. Perhaps we can tie the two together somehow?

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The Muse

I think the Angelina thing is less that she's so "obviously" has had plastic surgery, and more the fact that the pictures were taken when she was 16, versus the up to date picture at age 32. I mean, that's just a little "puppy fat" on her face...

And yeah, that picture of Britney where she's "lost 15 pounds" is from a photo-shoot done for Glamour magazine in 2003.


If Briney si back with KFed I think I will throw myself under a bus.


I don't get it. If you put my 16-year-old pictures next to a photo of me now, you'd definitely think I had work done... Nobody looks like they did at 16 when they're in their 30's, do they?


eta .... i didn't include the People cover this week, because i really think they should just let Heath Ledger rest in peace. until there's dna proof, i'm ignoring whatever they say.


The mother of Heath's supposed "love child" flat out said she's 100% totally NOT his daughter, but then that got misquoted as she "refused to confirm" that she was his daughter. Argh.

And I don't get why anyone is shocked by those photos of Ange...she's no less dressed than your average underage poptart. And we all saw a lot more in Gia, so we all know girlfriend wasn't exactly shy.


Amalah - my thoughts exactly. There are catalogs and newspaper ads of teen girls wearing bathing suits. These look no different to me. Also agreeing that it's maturity of years that we now see on her face, not plastic surgery.

chatty cricket

TOTALLY agree that Angie is natural...if there's anything on her face that I'd have to guess was ever enhanced, it's her lips but CLEARLY we can see she had those at 16 too so there goes that idea.

chatty cricket

Also, I find it hilarious that this is her "Sex Scandal" when she's had a million LOVAHS and made out with her biological brother.


Um, yeah, pretty sure that Star cover of Britney and K-Fed was totally photoshopped.

atheists eat fish

Angelina is drop dead gorgeous. Always has been, get over it. She may have had some slight work done to keep age at bay, but she doesn't need any major improvements. Damn, even girls spend more time looking at her picture than brad's when they're right next to each other. That says something.


Well damn, and here I thought those pictures proved she hadn't had work! If anything her lips look bigger in those pics, and the rest is just youth and puppy fat.

I'm 100% with you on the Heath Ledger thing. I refuse to even look at the People cover because of it. (But I'm glad I read your comment, amalah!) Stupid vultures. Uh, not you guys. The people manufacturing this story.

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