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Kidman Buys Home Near Cruise Brainwashing Compound

Urban_kidman Every time I see a candid photo of Nicole Kidman I think she looks too skinny and a little bit nuts. And then I watch one of her movies -- we Netflixed Fur this weekend and holy hand grenades it was good -- and watching her work reminds me that who cares if she dresses like a robot, she's a brilliant actor.

However, no one has been able to satisfactorily explain to me why she married Tom Cruise. Fact is, though, that no matter how grateful she may be to have moved on to a lovely new marriage, the kids she adopted with Cruise, Isabella and Conner, will tie her to Cruise forever. So, being the reasonable sort, she and husband Keith Urban bought a $7 million pad in the Brentwood section of L.A., just down the street from Xenu's favorite little warrior and his hostages. I mean, Tom, Katie, and Suri.

Photos of the new Kidman/Urban property after the jump.

Pretty much the only reason to get the Los Angeles Times is the Hot Property column in the real estate section. Oh, and the funnies, and the sports section, if you enjoy reading about how much they hate the Lakers. It's a rotten paper, but what they lack in editorial balance they make up for in pictures of stupidly expensive houses.


"The 5,600-square-foot Brentwood house, built in 1964, has five bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, walls of glass, city views, rolling lawns, koi ponds and the privacy of living at the end of a cul-de-sac."


"Kidman sold the last home she had in the neighborhood about four years ago for $10.5 million, area realty agents said."


"The actress isn't giving up her film career for motherhood; in fact, she has agreed to star in a movie as Valerie Plame, the CIA agent illegally outed by the White House."


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Forgiving robotic outfits of days' past...how cute does she look in the above pic - all hand-holding, barefoot, with a cute little anklet? I like her with Keith Urban. She seems so much more relaxed and happy than when she was with Xenu's biatch...er...I mean Tom Cruise.


And she is so PRETTY.


Was anyone totally relieved when she had to cut it out with the botox?? She might not look quite as perfectly polished/plastic but she actually looks like herself, you know, like a prettily aged version of herself from that Xenu-warrior starring classic "Days of Thunder". The funny thing for me, was realizing, once her face relaxed back to its human state, how long she must have been pumping that baby up! Seriously, check out her face in Moulin Rouge, just for comparison.... Man, I hope she doesn't jump back on that bandwagon! She looks SO much prettier right now!

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