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Miley Cyrus Topless; Disney Missing Annette Funicello BAD

Mileycyrusvanityfair I dunno, this seems to me like - how would you describe it? - a bad judgment call. Let's say that you're a 15 year old Disney star, with legions of tween fans who follow your every move with tweenish devotion and with the only semi-ambivalent approval of their parents (because, hey, even though it's Disney and you're a totally manufactured TV-slash-pop-star and those parents would much rather their daughters still be into the Wiggles, at least you aren't Paris.) And let's say that you've maybe been a bit, you know, silly at times in letting photos of yourself in your bra and panties, macking on boyfriends, slip onto MySpace, but that at least with MySpace photos the parents can still tell themselves that at least it's not Paris and and at least it's not sex tapes, etc, etc, and only toss and turn a little bit at night while they contemplate the dearth of good role models for their daughters in contemporary popular culture.

But then you go and do a photo-shoot for a major magazine. With your top off. And the shit hits the fan.

Shouldn't you maybe be, um, not so surprised? You know, seeing as you're a Disney-manufactured tween superstar who banks on her reputation as a sugar-sweet Southern daddy's girl (never mind that Daddy used to wear leather pants and a mullet and wiggle his ass on stage) and not Lindsay 'I Never Did Crack But Hey, Like My Boobies!?' Lohan. Did it not occur to you - or to your parents or managers or whomever - even once - that taking your clothes off for Vanity Fair - I know, not Playboy, but still - might be just a little bit ill-advised? Just a little?


Okay then. I suppose that the manic apologies and charges of Vanity Fair made me do it (because we all know that Graydon Carter is a total mack-daddy pimp who will beat you if you don't do what he says. Just ask Christopher HItchens. He had to get a groin wax) will have to do.

Just, you know, for future reference? Topless photos can, sometimes, be artistic. But they're still topless. Which is to say, they're about boobies, even if the boobies don't actually show. And you're just fifteen. So, maybe something to think about.

Source, Source

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Katie Kat

You know, I was really hoping this was a fake - just a photoshopped joke, but if it's real, then I am completely sickened. Not by the nudity per se, but by the fact that this LITTLE GIRL is already taking such a big step. It's just WRONG to sexualize her in this way (and I realize she's already doing that in her "tween show"). This is just blatant and ugly and makes me angry.



I have a soft spot for this girl for some reason (maybe because I actually find her show a bit entertaining....did I actually just admit that!!!!)

I think that it is possible for a girl her age, and even adults, to get caught up in the moment of what is supposed to art. Annie Lebowitz is a highly respected and well known photographer (I would kill to be photgraphed by her) so I could see them wanting to believe that she also had Miley's best intentions in mind. Sometimes in the moment things seem good, but afterwards, out of context...not so much.

As for the other pics that have gotten out there...hell, even the most responsible 15 year old have bad judgement now and again. I was a pretty good kid and kept myself out of trouble...that doesn't mean some of the stuff I did wouldn't have gotten me into trouble had a been caught...but it sure seemed like a good idea at the time :)


I think the photo is especially sexualizing because along with the toplessness she also appears to be NAKED completely under that blanket and her hair is all messy- the "just got laid" look is pretty evident. And she's 15.
SO inappropriate.


Does this poor child not have a guardian? A responsible adult who'll keep a clear head and tell even godlike Annie L. that "no, you may not photograph my underage daughter/charge/client in a way that blatantly sexualizes her in a completely inappropriate way?" I mean, she still *is* under the age of being in charge of her career, right? Beautiful shots... but with a disturbing aura of kiddy p*rn.

I feel terrible for Miley. She's freaking fifteen years old. I would never have been able to think objectively about how a Vanity Fair spread would be received at 15, regardless of whether or not I grew up in the spotlight. I probably wouldn't be able to think about it objectively now. She needs adults in her life who protect her, not allow her to make bad judgement calls like this.



In other words: NO! NO! NO!

Fifteen year olds need to keep their clothes on. Period. I don't care how mature they are or what label you want to slap on it. I don't care whether it's with Annie Liebowitz, their boyfriend or their creepy gym teacher who is like, totally into photography and says they could totally be a model.

Stop. Sexualizing. Our Little. Girls. Ack.


Yeah, this one is on her parents. To me it isn't the skin showing as that aura of sex. You could have the same amount of skin with her changing from Miley to Hannah in a dressing room, and all would be well.

I'm back to my main point about child stars. Every kids makes a bone-head move. Suddenly this girl's stupidity is fodder for morning shows. If she wasn't famous and just had a risque myspace page her humiliation would be limited.


All I'm going to say is that I totally called this months ago. In order to keep marketing her and upage her as she ages they're going to have to figure something out and (as we saw with Lindsay Lohan) sexualizing her is the easiest way to do it.

She's 15, not 12. Her marketability to tweens is short lived at this point, they need to make her appealing to a broader fan base, including 16-80 year old men.

I'm not saying it's right, I find it totally abhorrent, but I have no delusions that she's in show business to be a role model -- she's in show business to make money.


The thing that disturbs me the most, actually, is the smudged lipstick. It completely sexualizes the situation much more than the exposed back. Like she just got caught making out with someone forbidden, or rather, was taken advantage of. The air of vulnerability is what makes it so sad.


Ditto to what everyone said.

This probably wouldn't have been so disturbing. (Okay, it still would have been icky, but not vomitous) If they hadn't given her the smudgy lipstick, sex hair and the "I've just been molested" look on her face.

Yes, Lebiowitz is a good photographer, but I am kind of thinking she went WAY WAY over the line this time. THIS IS A LITTLE GIRL, regardless of the fact that she is 15. And regardless of the fact that DIRTY OLD MEN find her attractive.


as a mom of a tween who worships miley, i am so disappointed... the pop culture media has first lionized her, then derided her, just as they do everyone else. how can you not expect a 15 year old to want to react to something like that? i have seen E! columnists go off on miley because they think she's fat and homely. fat? WTF? but i suspect the hollywood pressure on maintaining your image coupled with the pressure every teen feels about what other people think... well, it is no surprise to me that this would happen.

it saddens me that no grownup is there to steer her into a smarter groove, career-wise. but it doesn't surprise me at all.

The Muse

Y'know I keep going back to the shots that were taken while she was on set (where you can see everyone moving around) and this photo, and there's such a contrast between the set-up and the outcome.

Yes, she was still naked with the sheet.
Yes, her hair was messy.

But the final photo is so high-contrast and "dirty" looking that it even more emphasizes the wrongness of what was already crossing the line. To me, she looks even younger than she does on her show/"real life" - which creeps me out the most.


it astounds me to think of the number of people who apparently had no problem with this. i mean, vanity fair isn't exactly self-publishing, right? so, like, A LOT of people signed off on this, from miley's mom, to whoever took the pictures, and on up the line.



Yeah, so let's pretend that it wasn't a famous photographer that took these art shots, but a 40 year old guy snapped these poses of another 15 year old? EVERYONE, including Vanity Fair, would call the cops. She's famous, so that makes it ok? Bullshit.


I think it is convenient that her parents left before this part of the photo shoot- and she's a minor so now she has deniability. It's my opinion (OPINION) that this was all orchestrated by her camp to give her some edge.


I'm definitely disturbed by the kiddie-porn feel of this. Or perhaps, the fact she has a look of shame about her - as though something was done against her will and she was violated (prophetic about the public response, perhaps?). Her posture - slouched over, as though trying to hide herself - says a lot. They made her so pale - sickly-looking...again, it gives the pic the feel of something sick and shameful happening. I have a feeling that not only Miley will pay for this, but I'm guessing Vanity Fair and Annie Lebowitz are losing some fans as a result. Sadly - they'll probably also gain some really sick fans. Does the photo suggest sex? Absolutely, but I get more the sense of victim from the picture, than that of a willing participant. Sorry for the over-analysis!


When her scandalous pictures appeared a few weeks ago I rolled my eyes because she's just being dumb.

This? This is disgusting. This isn't a mistake she made as a result of her immaturity. This is exploitation of her by all of the adults in this situation: her parents, her handlers, Annie Leibowitz and the people at Vanity Fair who published this.


does anyone know if vanity fair or annie lebowitz have releasted any statements about this photo? it's all over the internet so it's not like they don't know the controversy they've stirred up.

just curious...

(oh, and i think it's a really shameful thing for them to have done... no good is going to come to her as a result of this and it so seems like she's been taken advantage of... sad.)


I totally think everyone should check out the behind the scenes pics that Vanity Fair posted. I can totally see how her parent would have signed off on THAT... the end product is TOTALLY different. In the behind the scenes pics, she looks happy, comfortable, and she's wearing jeans under a swatch of satin wrapped around her midsection. Even if the lighting was different, or there was a hint of a smile, or even if you could see even a sliver of jean below the "sheet" it would still have been provocative and "artistic" instead of making her look like a rape victim. Do I think her parents signed off? You betcha? But how much do you want to bet it was totally Photoshopped after the fact to make it "grittier"? Seriously,everyone should see the behind the scenes.

Her Bad Mother

Emily - Annie Leibowitz issued a statement, saying that she's sorry that the photos have caused such an uproar, but that she thinks they're 'beautiful' - http://www.usmagazine.com/annie-leibovitz-calls-topless-miley-pic-very-beautiful


rednexmama I took a look at the "behind the scenese" photos and you're right...very different atmmosphere than the one above.

If the picture above showed her bottom half with the jeans it might have a completely different "feel" to it. So maybe on set that's what everyone else was "seeing" (except maybe Annie) and maybe didn't seem quite as sexual in that context???

I do think it's sad that she's now having to deal with this fallout when someone should have stopped this fromm making the final cut in the magazine spread.

I just really hope she's learning from all this so she doesn't go down the same path as Lidnsey and Britney!!

Katie Kat

Whether or not she had on jeans (or even a halter top) is IRRELEVANT. Annie Leibowitz CHOSE to show her in this way, vulnerable and yes, SEXED UP. She cannot deny that, nor can her parents, etc.

She could have shown whatever they are claiming they were shooting for without being wrapped in a silk sheet and looking like Brooke Shields in "Pretty Baby."



The crazy thing of all of this is that Annie Lebowitz is claiming that she was capturing the INNOCENCE in this picture! Huh?!? Where is innocence even remotely visible in this picture? Because her 15 year-old boobies aren't showing? If anything, Annie Lebowitz is portraying STOLEN innocence in this picture. Ack!


Did I miss something? Is heroin chic back?


she is nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoever agrees with me say kay is right whoever does't say kay is wrong


miley cyrus is a very nasty girl she's only 15 and posing naked i used to look up to her but forget it...''kay is right''


i think we found the next lindsey lohan!!! LOL


hey miley didnt really do that her parents left the studio and the other people forced her to do that posing half naked in the picture so dont blame her

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