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Nicole Kidman is Gestating Polly Pocket


Nicole Kidman confirmed her pregnancy the first week of January and is supposedly due in July, which means she's around six months pregnant in this photo (taken at the Country Music Awards last night). This is, no lie, exactly how I looked at six minutes pregnant. Minus the killer dress, and I don't believe my husband has chained up his wallet since junior high, when he carried around super-valuable stuff like a school ID and a TCBY card that was only one punch away from a free small yogurt.

More photos after the jump, and not to fall on the OTHER side of the whole "let's all judge pregnant women's bodies" fence -- and it's a bad fence! just stay away from the fence! -- but you gotta admit these are just the teensiest bit head-scratching. Right?




Belly or not, you gotta admit that pregnancy HAS softened her up quite a bit, and I think this is the loveliest she's looked in ages. I adore that dress, but of course, I'm three months pregnant and require actual maternity clothes already. Perhaps I can procure a similarly-colored muu-muu!

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I'm trying to convince myself that all those gathers are miraculous camouflage.

Even so, all I can think of is that when I was 6 months pregnant, I had people thinking I was closer to 9.


My mom is 5' 11"--isn't that how tall Nicole Kidman is? Anyway, she looked like that during her pregnancy with me, according to the photographic evidence. She also went home from the hospital in her pre-pregnancy jeans.

Sometimes, like when I gained enough for three women during my last pregnancy, I have to wonder why God didn't give me those genes.


Damn. She looks flatter-stomached than me, and I'm not even preggers. Perhaps I should be wearing basket-weave?


I have seen a bunch of pictures of her that confused me, like "hmm, I though she was pregnant?" and this is just another of them. Honestly, in the 2nd and 3rd photos you posted, she doesn't look pregnant at all.
I'm also trying to stay away from the pregnant-lady-judging fence, but I hope her willowy appearance at 6 months into the pregnancy is just due to lucky genes and height...and not a disturbing eating disorder as I suspect.


Think about how skinny she was before she got pregnant, she was practically concave. Plus she's suuuuuuper tall and sometimes tall women just don't pop forward.


While the thought of me at 6 months - hell, even 3 months - makes me want to cringe at her minute-ness at 6 months (okay - and maybe drop-kick her), I'm so happy for her. The 2nd to last pic - she's positively absolutely glowing. So nice that she's found love and is going to give birth to evidence of that love. :)


Delurking to say ... the way some women's uteruses (uteri?) are placed, she may never "pop" like some women, but instead may carry baby toward her back.

I think she looks softer and fuller and so, so happy. When I was pregnant, my "glow" was because I was sweating all the damn time. Her glow looks like what the pregnancy magazines try to sell.


I'm 5'9", long-torso'd. In my second pg, I left work for *my maternity leave* (38 weeks) and had people asking me why I was leaving. Of course, a week later I finally "popped" and looked pg but for taller women, sometimes it takes an extra long time to show.


I had a belly pooch just like that before I got pregnant, being somewhat overweight and all. Thing is, I still looked like that until about 22 weeks - had to wear maternity jeans only because my belly pooch was no longer soft. Got big enough at the end even though my belly button never popped, birthed an eight pounder through a larger-than-average abdominal incision so clearly he wasn't micro-sized. What's that they say about guys - some are growers, some are showers? Check back on her in a month.


Eh, my mom swears her stomach was completely flat and unchanged until one morning in her sixth month when she woke up with a pregnant belly. She literally "popped" overnight. I remember another tall friend of my parents who looked just a bit stocky at 8 and 9 months. It's probably a combination of "every woman is different," her height, the dress, and the camera angles. I mean, she's standing at a flattering angle and ruffles *do* minimize bellies. Oh, and Keith Urban's
hand clearly shows that there's *something* there, it just looks small since she's so tall and lanky.

And Amalah? I've seen your pictures. You are super cute pregnant. :)


She doesn't look pregnant in the subsequent pictures.

Can we talk about how skeezy I think Keith Urban is. I love country music but I can't stand the guy.

The Muse

We were just talking about this same thing the other day... my mom, also a woman of Amazonian proportions (which I inherited... she's 5'10" & I'm 5'11") didn't start showing until the 7th month. She just looked like she'd been dipping into the cakes a little too heavy-handedly in the 6th month... and then, month 7, she popped a little... and by the end of month 7, she looked full-term.

In fact, there are pictures taken of her at the beach around her 6th month, and she just looks really healthy with a pooch in her bikini.

I pray all the time that I'm that lucky one day.


Looks like she's carrying that baby in her LIPS, since they're the only parts of her that appear disproportionately puffy.


As a short-torso 5'4", I hate her. Not really, but kinda.

Katie Kat

Okay, #1: she's CRAZY thin for being 6 months pregnant. That's just a fact.

#2: she looks FAB-U-LOUS. Tall girls seem to carry easily and suspiciously small! But talk about the GLOW. I wouldn't glow like that unless I was in a nuclear reactor accident.

Hope all is well!


um I have never looked that way at 6 months prenant. Didn't they tell her eating is good for the baby????


JP - I've seen Keith Urban in concert. He's de-lish-us! Seriously! He's personable. Chats with the audience. Came down into the audience (Oops! Security apparently didn't expect that!). When he sings live, you can tell he's singing from his heart. Seriously. The tats and the time in rehab might scare you, but there's a good man beneath that! And Xenu doesn't control him! Woo-hoo!


With my 1st, I didn't show much until almost 7 months. Kid was transverse (sideways), and there wasn't much showing. I think it's probably her height, and maybe just the way the baby's hanging out in there.

(my 2nd, unfortunately, was huge and did no side-sitting....I looked huge by six months!)


Am I the only one who can see the lump at her side. I'm guessing baby Urban is lying transverse which is what my #2 did for 30 weeks.

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