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Olsens Display One of the Unknown Side Effects of Not Having a Childhood


dlisted gives us this gem. It's a picture of one of the Olsen twins arriving for a wedding over the weekend. Supposedly, the twins didn't want to be photographed, hence the masks. I'm guessing that someone told them that the masks were invisibility cloaks but of course the problem there is that THIS IS EARTH NOT HARRY POTTER!

I also read somewhere that the masks were some sort of silent tribute to Heath Ledger which...what? But in any case, these girls obviously have some flawed logic. See, most people don't wear masks so when you don one, you inadvertently draw attention (and more photographers) to yourself. I know, math is hard, but try to keep up.

Of course, the real victims here are the bride and groom. I'm no bridezilla, but if some petulant assholes pulled some stunt like that at my wedding, they would find themselves out on the street. No cake. No stuffed chicken breast. NOTHING.

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I honestly wonder if they've just decided to never work again. (Why not, when you're a billionaire?) Their public personas are so unlikeable and they don't seem at all concerned about that fact.


that is so bizarre i can't even think of anything to say except that they have zillions of dollars and THAT'S how she chooses to wear her hair to a wedding? huh.

Account Deleted

CREEPY. Like, EYES WIDE SHUT creepy. LeeLee Sobieski creepy. Even, dare I suggest... mime creepy.

Mrs. Kennedy

What?! Never work again? No sequel to "It Takes Two"? Actually I'm envisioning a prequel to "Eyes Wide Shut" involving them, their masks, their bad hair, and Donatella Versace in a football helmet. Work with me, people.


Blanket? Is that you?


"Blanket? Is that you?"

hahahahaha oh, how I wish this were a caption contest because that would certainly win.


Man, if I had Olsen twin money I would be like "eff off civilization" and I would spend my time hidden away at my island and mountain retreats, etc. However, considering they have spent their entire lives in the spotlight I suppose the attention is somehow painful and comforting all at once. Eh... I still can't feel sorry for the little billionaire 20-somethings... nope...


Emily - you took the words right out of my mouth. I don't care how rich or poor you are - you do NOT wear your hair like that to a wedding. To the gym - okay. To a wedding - NO!


I read on People that they masks were for the wedding pictures. the whole wedding party wore them... so weird.



oops... i meant THE masks :)


Creepiest wedding photos ever.


The masks were a shout out to Jabbawockeez, the grand prize winners for America's Best Dance Crew boyeeee!!!


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