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OMG! Best Video Evar!

Fullofstars I stumbled across this the other day, and I have to say I'm utterly captivated. This may be the funniest, bestest video ever! Quick, go check it out, and then meet me after the jump for discussion...



In actuality, what I'm captivated and fascinated by is "Rickrolling" and it's many hilarious Astley-flavored by-products. Even the Church Of Scientology got Rickrolled at a recent protest:


And just reading the description of this Flickr group makes me snort-laff. Oh Rick Astley, who knew you could bring so much joy to my life?

I think we should take it upon ourselves to make today International Betches Rickrolling Day -- Rickroll as many people as you can, starting NOW! What say you, are you with me? C'mon, you're never gonna let me down, are you?


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Never gonna let you down!

Seriously funny!


I got rickrolled by I can has cheezburger.

And Flickr may be the best invention ever.


YouTube rickrolled teh WORLD yesterday for April Fools. Every damn featured video actually linked to it. But then this morning I read that the prank actually led to huge sales for him on iTunes.

(And like every other meme EVER, this one started on 4chan, which is pretty much the grossest and scariest site on the Internet. And yet 4chan? Also gave us lolcats. The pervs, they know the funny.)


i can has shirt with rick astley multiple choice quiz?


Oh, I'm with Heidi, I really want that on a t-shirt! Thanks for Rickrolling me on TWITTER, betch! lol

What's up with that protest video though? Do people just stand outside the Church of Scientology and shout at people going in? Inquiring minds wanna know.

Suzy Q

Ok, you totally punk'd me.

I wanna t-shirt, too!

Maxine Dangerous

Poo - I totally ruined that by reading the post from my feed reader and seeing the definition of rickrolled before clicking on the video. I promptly sang along to the song and enjoyed every second of it. :) I knew Rick Astley couldn't dance, but OH. MY. GOD. those other people?!? The bartender inexplicably on the basketball court, bouncing off the chain link fence wearing what appears to be black hot pants?!? AIIIIEEEE!

I WANT THAT SHIRT TOO! (Plus-size, please kthanxbai. :))


see, I'm a nerd, because I've been rickrolled twice and both times I'm like, "Oh, word, Rick Astley. *sings*"


i sort of saw that coming, but i didn't care because dude: i actually enjoy bad 80's music. don't tell anyone.


I'm in for the shirt, too. I like his poofy 80-s hair, too, but I think the shirt should have the bartender on the back!

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