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Ashlee Simpson Is Pregnant...But You Knew That


Now that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson have made honest emo kids out of each other, they have finally confirmed that Ashlee is pregnant with the couple's first child.

People reports that Pete (or one of his minions, most likely) posted an official announcement on his website yesterday. He explained that the couple wanted to wait until Ashlee was out of her first trimester (and everything was "legit,") before confirming the news.

Folks started speculating that something was up back in February, but Ashlee emphatically denied the rumors. Can't say that I blame her. I mean, besides the fact that whatever is going on in Ashlee's oven is her business and hers alone, but having been in the "Oh, I'm pregnant. How 'bout them apples?" boat before, and knowing that there will be plenty of people with plenty to say about your now apparent fertile-Myrtleness, you tend to not want to talk about it with people who will have opinions that don't matter one iota. And if you're forced into such a situation, you're likely to barf on them, which is a totally appropriate response, but people tend to get upset by that reaction.


And it was only a matter of time once the wedding pictures came out. I flipped through People the other day and they have a shot of Ashlee and Jessica at the wedding. Jessica is lovingly patting Ashlee's bump, and unless Ashlee was sporting the mother of all food babies, there was definitely a fetus in that picture somewhere.

In any case, congratulations you crazy kids!

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I was reading that article in People last night and thought the EXACT same thing. That was a "put your hand on the baby bump" picture if I've ever seen one.


Wonder if the baby will come out with Pete's bangs or Ashlee's. Oh...wait...same difference.

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