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Clay Aiken, Father-to-Be


Yep, that Clay Aiken.

Us Weekly and TMZ are reporting that Clay Aiken's producer/roommate/best friend Jaymes Foster is carrying his baby, after having been artificially inseminated.  Witness:

Idol Clay Aiken’s producer is pregnant with his child, TMZ.com reports.

Jaymes Foster (who is reportedly in her late 40s) was artificial inseminated with the 29-year-old singer’s sperm, according to the report.

Aiken lives with Foster – described as his “best friend” – when he’s in L.A. and plans to be involved with parenting their child, TMZ reports.

The crooner has consistently avoided questions about his sexuality.

“People don’t want to have that type of stuff pushed, people who are living in Omaha or in Charlotte or wherever,” Aiken told Access Hollywood last month.

“They don’t want stuff like that pushed in their face,” he added. “I don’t think that’s necessary and that’s also not what I’m here for. I mean, I went on Idol to be a singer, I went on Idol to be an entertainer and that’s what my priority is.”

Congrats?  I guess?  I mean, this is a damn sight less horrifying than when someone voluntarily took Michael Jackson's seed into her womb.  I just deeply hope Ms. Foster is carrying less pasty and bizarre-grin-tastic DNA than the child's father.


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WHAT? WHAT WHAT WHAT? (head explodes)


I know. I'm going to be processing this for quite some time.


At least a plastic-surgeried face isn't genetically transferable...

Suzy Q

*joins with the exploding heads*


Yeah. We totally know he didn't put the lime n the coconut himself.


Lime in coconut!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Absolutely disgusting visual, but great wording!!!

How about putting the pig in the blanket? I don't think he can get any pastier, but I'm sure the mere idea would finally remove that goofy-ass grin off his face in a violent way - I think it would literally fall off!


OK? Clay is having a baby with someone named Jaymes and it's a WOMAN? Didn't see that coming.

I read this from the Fug Girls earlier today- "putting the sausage on the grill".


Does he remind anyone else of Barry Manilow? Or is it just me?


"29-year-old singer’s sperm"



For the longest time, I thought that Clay Aiken looked like Lindsey Lohan. Not so much in the above picture, but sometimes, when there's not so much fake'n'bake on either of them - and they're both wearing their lipgloss...they've never been in the same place twice that I can remember.

Marmite Breath

Hold me, baby Jesus.


Let us not speak of Clay Aiken's sperm again, shall we not? thnx.


Um. Whoa.


Someone please please please put up a new post so that this face is not the first thing we see when Mamapop comes up...

Thankx you.


KatieMick, I totally agree with you on the Lohan-Aiken look-alike thing.


'Jaymes.' Isn't that a boy's name? (ok, ok, I am being childish)

Katie Kat

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. That's just... creepy. And I heard she's over 50.


Please god may I never hear Clay Aiken's name and "sperm" in the same sentence ever again.


I love it when someone says something is a "damn sight" better or worse than something else. Reminds of Col. Potter on MASH.


Every single part of this is blowing my mind.

Dana Whitaker

The only thing bothering me more than the mention of Clay Aiken's sperm is Clay Aiken's resemblence to Annette Bening. It's very striking.

San Francisco Photos

Needs to star in the next Lord Of The Rings sequel!


I hope they aren't just doing this to squash the gay rumors. Because that wouldn't even sort of work without them first lying and saying they "totally had sex with each other".


(And dude, not fair for this poor little baby.)


In your opinion, what's the best movie ever created?

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