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Gossip Rag Thursday


All I'm going to say is I'll believe it when I see it. This is the tenth (or hundredth) time they've supposedly been on the cusp of marriage, and a wedding has yet to materialize.

For more gossip that you can believe or not, keep reading.


Yay for John and Jen! And I love how they snuck in the divorce "shocker" at the top. Because really? Was anyone really surprised when that happened?


Looks like both Spears girls made news for Life & Style this week. And the Spears clan is going to have a girl to add to the grandkid pool, if this rag is to be believed.


I love this issue of People. And it looks like getting back together with Owen did Kate some good, scoring her the cover!


Didn't she already go through this once? I bet her hair's gotten too short and now they feel like they have to reign her in again. Sheesh Katie, pull it together or they'll try to impregnate you again with Hubbard's swimmers!

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I saw the People cover on The View this morning. Is it just me, or did they photo-shop Kate way too much. Cuz seriously, I had no idea who the hell it was 'til Barbara Wa-Wa said her name. Something looks very different about her.


Every time there's another Brangelina-getting-married story, I get confused and think, "But they're already married, aren't they?" I guess after the first few million stories part of my brain just decided the wedding had already taken place. Heh.


i agree about kate hudson. i also think katie holmes looks photoshopped on the star cover. or maybe she just looks super creepy to me now that she weighs like half her original weight.


I think the same about the katie holmes pic. I saw that at the store this week, and couldn't figure out why she looks so weird. Then I just noticed there's almost a resemblence to Britney?


I want to know what "Heather Locklear's body secrets" are, please. The woman looks FABULOUS! And she ALWAYS seems so nice that I can't even hate her properly.


Is that a snake around John Mayer's neck? Ewww...

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