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Lindsay Lohan May Sue Over Ad

Lindsay_lohan_ad A full page ad in USA Today against ignition interlocks featuring Lindsay's famous mug shot for drunk driving is causing quite a stir.  What I can't figure out is why someone, besides the people who sell liquor, would be against a device that keeps drunk drivers off the street?  Isn't that a good thing?

The ad claims "the devices are good for Lindsay, but not for the rest of us."  Lindsay hired lawyers to research if this ads violates any laws and if she can file a lawsuit, and against whom.  The liquor industry claims the ad came from a third party organization that is against interlock devices.

Lindsay's statement is after the jump.

Lindsay's lawyer, Blair Berk, issued this statement to TMZ:

"USA TODAY is idiotic for running such an irresponsible advertisement, suggesting that drinking and driving is some kind of American 'tradition' we should protect. Not identifying that this ad was paid for by the liquor industry is profoundly reckless.

Drunk, old, white businessmen, drunk cougars out for girls night out, and drunk wedding parties should be kept off the roads of America. Lindsay Lohan fully endorses ignition interlock devices that have been well-proven to save lives."

Of course she does.  I think she probably has one.


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The other day my husband and I saw a guy come out of a convenience store, try to get his car started--it was fitted with an ignition interlock--then go back into the store when he failed. About a minute later, one of the clerks came out and blew into the thing for him and he drove off. We called the police but have no idea what happened after that.

I guess they're better than nothing, but seeing that scenario played out in front of me totally freaked me out.


I wonder how far that guy got, because from what I have read, after the engine has been started you need to give more breath samples at random intervals. If you fail, it starts up the car alarm until you take the keys out.

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